Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big thinking brings amazing results

People advocate for big thinking because the same is conducive to produce effective output and increase your creativity. But only big thinking is not going to create any miracle, unless you  act and perform wisely and you are steadfast to convert your big plans into fruitful results. Otherwise, all these big thinkings will be termed as wishful propositions without any tangible recognition. We all face various types of constraints in life. Each and every individual face many problems related to health, profession, marriage, socio-economical conditions, children and many other things. Then, we face problems, which have a direct bearing on our living conditions for example, poverty, unemployment, anarchy, political unrest, illiteracy and corruption. These issues are mostly dealt at national level, but individually, we are all affected to a varying degree.  When the situations become uncontrollable and people who take wise decisions and think in terms of big visions, only prosper; the rest finds the going as very tough. These issues create sorrows and pain for us.  If you analyze with an unbiased mind, you will come to know that the fundamental problem lies entirely because of improper thinking and our wrong actions. Most of the time, improbity in our thoughts lead to wrongdoings and the results is far less than satisfactory. Further, the defective thoughts of very many people also blur the prosperity of the nation and make our living conditions  a chaotic situation.  Because of this defectiveness, we all get confined in false expectations and disappointments at every step. Instead of this, if we can only improvise our thinking and take rational decisions, we can do miracles and make this world a better and a lovely place to live in.  But we prefer to choose the opposite and decide to invite perils at the cost of not thinking in the right direction. We get entangled in the snare of wrong thinking duly colored by various prejudices and narrow-mindedness.  Knowingly, we take the wrong side of the decisions causing distress. So, big thinking is always advisable to achieve more output in a corrective measure.
Today’s youth need to think in the right direction and in a big way, which only will give them a clear vision and understanding of life better. Otherwise, they will take the life as it will come, and without the power of big  thinking, they will make the life more dolorous instead of making the same as a pleasant one. Why only youth? We all must transcend all the barriers of smallness and always think big.  Big things just do not fall from the heaven.  First, you need to think and dare to conceive the same in your mind. The man thinks to visit the moon and they reach there; still trying to find out when men can live there a life that we do in the earth.  Men think to fly like a bird and ultimately it gives the innovation of flying machine a grand success.  Today, we are able to fly from one corner to another in an airplane.  There is nothing, which can stop who think big and act wisely.  Whenever we think small, we are bonded in the slavery of less output.  These thoughts are the only bottleneck to create a stumbling block on our progress of achievement.  You have to be bold and break this bondage of limiting your thoughts.  But your thinking process must take you from the individual level to a national level.  You must practice to think what is  beneficiary not only to you, but also to others, society, and nation as a whole. You must introspect what are the good things in terms of big thinking, which can be learnt from your parents, teachers, and friends and also the same can be passed on to the others.  This is also known as a way to advocate for big thinking.

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Thinking big is the first stage to give a shape to anything. Many religious and social service providers and individuals who try to think big in all directions to the welfare of human beings, are able to save the poor section of the people from their downtrodden status. Once the phase of big thinking is over, you have to put your efforts very seriously and strive very hard to give those thoughts into a fruitful  plan of actions. In this stage, you have to plan a road map and work out all your strategic decisions to fulfill the said road map.  Once you  act, you must do so without any serendipity, but wholeheartedly.  You must have a stronghold on your attitude to convert your big thinking to a successful venture. The famous serenity prayer by Reinhold says, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.”  You must accept the fact that maintaining your calmness and balanced disposition, you must show  complete sincerity to convert the big thinking in reality.
The major aspect of any big thinking is that you must transform yourself to a pure and better human being.  Your purity, wisdom, efficiency and ability to accept hardship to transmute the small input to a big output will be only seen in the environment.  You will be extremely happy and full of elation, when your team members, friends and society, at a large  will appreciate you and your efforts to think big and act accordingly.  In this mission, you must take everybody to make a team integrated and happy. If you think big and have a desire to work with all, it is a laudable effort. Ultimately, it will lead to harmony, beauty and prosperity in society. So, in your entire endeavour, you must exert your full potentialities to learn to overcome all the barriers in your big thinking pattern and power. Use all your instincts to learn the secret  how to take  corrective actions when your plans are not giving adequate results. Do not give up any opportunity because big thinking will never go wrong, if you act wisely.  Finally, this power of big thinking will make you big one day in any field. You have to only work relentlessly without any smugness. And, you should not be complacent unless you achieve the final outcome.

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