Sunday, April 3, 2016

Control anger before it controls you

The various obstacles, constraints, catastrophe, calamity and impediments always pervade our life, which sometimes even causes blockade in our progress. We try to overcome these barriers to smoothen our lives.  When we are not able to do so, frustration arises. Some people digest these frustrations, some completely ignore and some other outburst in the form of severe anger. It is always debated that anger is a bad characteristic of a person.  Needless to say, it is required to ascertain the cause of this outburst or anguish and also one must take remedial actions to curb the anger.   Most of the time, the question arises, how I will be able to control my anger, when the surrounding circumstances provoke me to show anger, whether it is a serious or a trivial issue. The optimization of our life, maintaining calmness during the time of adversity, take the things in its right spirit and self discipline are the best strategical movement to curb anger. Basically, anger is a negative energy and all the words of it are by association represent negative emotion. The constituent of the word ‘anger’ are allegations, negativity, jealousy, enmity and revenge. But if you can transform this negative energy into positive energy, then the word ‘anger’ becomes affable, noble, generous, enliven and respect.

The definition of anger management is a negative one, which is related to physical, mental, psychological and environmental symptoms to a situation for which sometimes we have no control. If we are not able to allay this, it can cause harm not only to the individual but also to the entire surrounding.  Does it mean, you should not be angry at all?  No, the mild form of anger for some valid reason is always a healthy sign.  But beyond a limit, it can cause health hazard.   For example, you are severely rebuked by your boss in the office and you suppress the humiliation, bring the same in your family life and start yelling to your wife showing your anger for no fault of her, then it is known as a bad management of anger.

When we become violently angry, release of stress hormones such as epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol gets severely disturbed, which ultimately causes various ailments.  So, by showing anger beyond a limit, you are spoiling your health considerably.

Anger management is basically a science, by which you must know when to show your anger, you should not be violent at all and even if you become, and after a certain time, you must withdraw from the situation after some time.  For example, you are scolding your son for poor marks in the exam and so, just give him a slice of punching words, a bit of mild shouting and then walk away.  You have to ensure that anger management is completely controlled and at the same time, your son gets the correct message to improve upon.  We have 60 trillion cells in our body and six trillion chemical reactions are taking place every second as per the law of nature.  Most of us are not even aware of this fact.  But who is the programmer?  It is our mind, the conscious mind.  Throughout the day and night, till the time we awake, this conscious mind is programming the routine of our life.  A nourished mind with abundant positive thoughts is responsible for a perfect healthy mind and body, whereas a negative mindset produces disease, anger and poor health.  If your mind is accumulated with positive thoughts, you will see that there is no need of your angry at all in your life, barring a few occasions.

So, anger is a management, control it otherwise it will control you.

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