Monday, April 4, 2016

The power of self-confidence

The power of self-confidence

The thoughts of both the favoritism and the competition  haunt us whenever we like to achieve something in our lives. Without these, we are not able to live and exist  in this world. Sometime, favoritism calls the shot and some other time, the competition surpass everything else.  Nowadays our life is predominantly  under the clutch of competition and it is the most decisive factor in how the life will progress.  Many people opine that there is a shift from favoritism to competition, of course slowly, because of  our belief system for a fair and free pattern of democracy.  In a democratic environment, everything is mostly based on the merit rather than  favoritism.  If you are ready to prove your mettle to do a job with full confidence, you will be rewarded; otherwise you will be a back bencher.  The  vested interests, which were the sole decisive factors  earlier are slowly getting eliminated. Whatever left out will be also eliminated, otherwise to sustain the pressure of severe competition from the world market   will be next to impossible.  The norms of competition have given rise to a social principle, which says either you “compete or perish.”  In this highly competitive environment, the concept of two different classes emerges, which are the privileged class and the deprived class.  The privileged class  used to enjoy and now also are enjoying many facilities which  an ordinary  person  always hankers, but not getting  and so, the privileged class is bound to achieve success, whereas the deprive class lives their lives in distress. The social activities related to government machineries and different NGOs are always on the look out to search avenues to uplift the lifestyle of these deprived classes, because they cannot sustain the fierce competition.  Such a course of action leads to loss of confidence for these classes of people.  Once they are protected, they lack their willpower.  They prefer to be always protected and are afraid to face competition.  According to the law of nature, if an individual finds himself in a deprive class, it does not mean that he is averse to face competition forever.  For a particular period of time, he may be crippled, but he will  develop his power of confidence provided he gets adequate support.

If you are from the deprive class, it does not mean that your career is finished.  It is not a full stop for you.  You have to transcend the hurdles to achieve success and in this process, your self-confidence will get increased further. The very reason of deprivation could inspire you to improve a lot.  When you think that you have perished, it is not a correct interpretation.  Instead of getting perished, you have to stand up with a new motivation to establish yourself thoroughly and prove that you can also accomplish many things.  Only thing, you need to show your gut feelings.  Your repeated attempts to excel make you more motivated and ultimately, you will come out of deprivation. It is a fact that  power of motivation accounts for personal progress.  This power can take you to a higher path of achievement.  The business tycoon Bill Gates shares his experience saying, “I failed in some subjects in an exam, but my friend passed on all of them.  Now, he is an engineer in an organization and I am the owner of that organization.”   According to human nature, when you are way behind in any competition, you become less motivated and ultimately, you leave and withdraw from the race. Contrarily, when your rate of achievement is poor, you need to struggle more and you need to put more efforts to become successful.  People generally take things on their face value and remain completely ignorant of how nature is at work in the background.

People seldom go in depth to understand the real meaning of any subject and roam on its periphery.  For example, if you have a tree in your garden and you cut off one of its branches, very soon, you will observe that a new branch grows.  This is the natural phenomenon.  When you forget the issue how nature works silently in the background, you remain ignorant of many vital things, which are the primary reasons of your survival and progress in your life. This law of nature is applicable to all  human beings, despite their race, culture, religion, power of wealth and status quo in the society. Supposedly, if you fail to accomplish in the first attempt and you have enough self-confidence in your abilities, no one can stop you to carry out multiple attempts.  So, the  principle of either to compete or perish  should not  be the last answer in your life.  You have to just remove this thought from your mind.  This proverb is nothing, but to discourage so that you leave attempts and  become a failure in your next or repetitive attempts. Ultimately, if you withdraw, the others  will step in  and  do the work you left out  and become successful.  If you fail in your first attempt, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot achieve in the second or third attempt.  Only thing, you must have enough self-confidence to develop your skills and  you need to boost your mind power to  carry out further attempts.  Then only, you will be successful in life. Finally, never be disappointed for any failure and whenever you feel your self-confidence level is getting less, do all these things you like to increase the same for overall prosperity in life.

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