Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The art of giving to blossom smile

The art of giving to blossom smile

When you present a gift to your beloved person, have you noticed his immediate expression?  His face gets flashed with a smile, giving you also a pleasure.  As per the principle, the more you give; you share your things with others, the more you will become happy.  You will be rich in your happiness.  Anne Frank rightly says, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”  Most of us are very much concerned with our own motives of benefits?  We always seek our own comforts.  Our nature is self centered and this nature only causes unhappiness.  Many are actually ill, because of their self-centredness.  If you observe with a closer look, you will find that the happiest people in the world are those who most of the time, make them busy to do good for others.  They think so much for other’s well beings that they do not have much of time to think of their own happiness.  These people understand the joy of giving.  When someone gets into the habit of thinking for others without expecting anything in return, he becomes fearless because he is not worried of his needs or his desire for anything.  He gets enjoyment to serve others, to give all he can do to others, to extend his services to his neighbors, his friends, his acquaintances.  Since, he gives, he gets.  His life returns more to him spiritually, religiously and even materialistically though he does not show any sensual attachment for his comfort.  He feels rich and satisfied by only giving.

People often say, “I shall start giving after all my responsibilities are over, all my debts are repaid and I accumulate some money.”  It sounds like a hollow baseless talk and by saying these people, try to find out excuses to avoid this activity.  The giving something to someone is an art and it must come from your inner self which is never influenced by any outward environment.  The bible says, “Give, and it shall be given unto you.”  Nothing can change this eternal fact.  We have to plant first and then reap the benefit of a good harvest.  Unless you plan for a good planting, you cannot expect a rich harvest.  Whenever you give, you should not expect a return at all but you will get in one or the other form.  You have to wait and have faith in yourself and in God to get the accrual. Ignatius Loyola says, “Teach us…… to give and not count the cost.”  Life is like a current in which prosperity is a flow, happiness is a flow and love is a flow.  As per the law of life, first you must  give and then it is time of receiving.  Abundance is what is circulating through your life.  Say, you have a large saving in your bank account, but you are not using it, then you are not enjoying the real benefit of the same except earning an interest.  Logically, you are the custodian of this saving, but you are receiving absolutely nothing from it.

Your satisfaction must come from your mental enjoyment, not from your materialistic power or your authoritative power. The mental enjoyment comes from the act of your giving without expecting anything in return.

Harold Abbott says, “Do something for somebody, somewhere, while jogging along life’s road.  Help someone to carry his burden and lighter will grow your load.  Do something for somebody, gladly; it will sweeten your every care.”

There is a wonderful mystical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life – happiness, freedom and peace of mind are always attained by giving them to someone else.

Are we taking any lesson from these mystical laws of nature, so that we can be happy perpetually?

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