Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to suppress your emotion?

How do you define the intensity of your emotion? It is a benchmark of your true identity?  If you perform all your functions starting from wake up to retiring at night in an ideal and perfect way, you are a follower of rules and regulations of moral living. So your every moment in your life, if it is utilized perfectly, you will get effective output.  Why it is so?  Because all the functions, which you perform daily, you act with utmost sincerity. But most of us fail to follow this pattern of behavior. We perform our various functions as doers. Just for the purpose of doing, we act, for example, somebody smiles; you also reciprocate your instant functioning by providing a return smile, which might not be an act of from your heart.  You are doing a showmanship.  You may not really want to smile, but since the other person is a reputed one in the society and a quite influential man, you act and so, you smile.  What you have done; you smile as a doer. This issue has no real emotion. In another way, he has pampered you by smiling and you are being cajoled to give a return smile.

If you analyze the issue closely, you will find that it is a matter of exchange of pleasantry. He has expressed his positive vibe, which you have acknowledged in a controlled manner.  You have judged his emotion and retorted back.  Now, if you analyze your emotional effect in depth, your reciprocating action could be a bargain, a trade, and a businesslike attitude or a simple social mannerism. Somebody smiles at you and you have also done so. Mostly, it is an artificial smile, as if the same has been produced by a machine.  Without utilizing your emotional feeling, you smile. It is just an act on that particular moment. It has not created any sincere feeling for the other person.  This type of emotion has no sincerity. It is completely hollow as you have manipulated your smile.  There is no authenticity on your part.  In this way, you are manipulating your body and mind and you are also responsible for his manipulation.  In our society, this type of manipulation is widely spread and people simply are not able to identify the emotional depth of existence.  Precisely, that is the reason, being religious also; we are not attracted to the spiritualities and functions of the spiritualism.  Because quite often, we forget our spontaneity.  We all become artificial.  In this atmosphere, we create the situation of hell.  Your love has no meaning because the same is impure.  Your love is false.  Your hate is false. Your smile is false.  Your feeling is false.  Your tears are false. You are not in a position to take any decision.

The question comes how can you stay in this false environment and enjoy happiness?  Instead of living in an artificial surroundings, accept the spontaneity, which comes from your heart. Coming back to the issue of smiling, it was  not a sincere smile from your side.  But this type of situation cannot be hidden for a long.  Sooner or later, your pretension or non-spontaneity will come to the surface.  But if you smile with spontaneity, you will feel that your whole being is smiling; only your lips are not taking part.  When you resort to this path of spontaneity, everybody around you during that particular time will glow and there will be a feeling of friendly atmosphere all around. Since all the people around you will be happy; you will be also connected to the profundity of happiness.

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Even emotions need spontaneity.  If positive emotions shown by you are false, they will be treated as a pretense.  In the same way, when the negative emotions shown by you as authentic, the same will be termed as beautiful.  People say anger is a destructive emotion.  But this anger can be termed as nice, if your whole beings feel angry. It means that you are not pretending to be angry. If you are really angry, despite it is being a negative emotion, your all sensations will be vibrant and people will not take you as a bad tempered person. They may appreciate your negative emotion as you are showing spontaneity.  For example, analyze the behavior of a child.  He cries to fulfill his any need and no sooner his need is satisfied, he stops crying. You observe his behavior, which is completely based on spontaneity.  When a child becomes angry, he runs from one corner to another, his face will be reddish, he may spit and he may throw anything he finds nearby.  When his anger subsides, he starts again running, dancing, hugging you, as if nothing has happened.  For an adult, it does not happen. Because most of your actions are based on the false and you swirl in the movement of incorrect actions continuously.  If your anger is real, it lasts for a few seconds.  Why?  Because you are angry for a true cause and there is no false reason behind your anger.  At that point of time, your showing anger is justified.  And your anger will be harmless, because it will not continue for long.  If anything evolves with spontaneity, it cannot harm anyone.  The negative emotions are also good, if they are authentic.  People have a wrong notion about negative emotions that these are bad and causing dangers both mentally and psychologically. It is bad provided the reason is based on falsity.  But if the negative emotions are authentic, it may transform us. 

If you closely analyze the power of emotions, both positive and negative, you will find that emotion derived on authentic reasons will do well and will not destroy.  All your emotions will become more and more positive and a time will come when you will not be affected either by positive or negative emotions.  You cling to authentic.  At that stage, you forget to discriminate between good and bad.  You are not bothered what is positive and what is negative? This feeling of authenticity will strengthen your introspection power to search only for the real.  And when you know the real, you will be able to find out the truth.  Then emotions will not mold you, you will mold the emotions as there is no feeling of positive or negative for you.  
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