Friday, April 3, 2015

Why we look to God when we are in distress?

It is quite common that whenever we are in an awkward situation, we are in perils, we are in distress and we are unable to bear the pain caused due to painful happenings; we immediately start remembering God.  We pray to Him and we fold our hands and stand in front of Him to lessen the gravity of the painful situation. No sooner, the dark cloud disappears from our life sky and bright sun ray sunlight starts streaming through our beaming mind for  getting stress free, we feel elated and proud.  We behave in a normal way and forget to seek God anymore. We then think why God makes our life so troublesome?  Why He is not able to make our life at ease, free of burdens?  We feel that life must be without any thorns. We should not struggle with economic problems, social constraints, health hazards and emotional burden.  But in reality, it cannot happen. God has created this beautiful world for our enjoyment, but that does not mean that we don’t have to face constraints.  There may be some people, who by birth are very lucky to have wealthy and prosperous lives, but the percentage of such people is not so high.  For most of us, we need to put a hard work, struggle, take burden of responsibilities and occasionally face the serious health issues and so, life will be like a chain of glee and grief.  One has to bear these facts. 

We can take an example from nature in this regard.  The eagle builds the first layer of its nest using thorns and stones. Then the bird brings some soft materials to cover these hard materials. The bird uses wood, feathers and animal fur as soft materials. When the baby is born, the mother ensures that it is covered with the soft material.  After a period of time, the mother takes away the soft material, making the baby to experience harder materials like thorns and stones. At times, the baby gets bleeding due to its soft body rubs with the thorns.  Slowly, the mother stops feeding, allowing the baby to search food on his/her own efforts.  Suddenly, the baby’s world becomes painful.  At one end, its body gets pain and at the other end, the baby bird becomes restless because of hunger and eventually, the baby tries to flee away to get out of the nest.  Similarly, the human life is also like that.  When people are too happy, they are contended and they are pleased with everything, they hardly  remember God.  They are so busy with the plentiful lives; they have no inclination to seek God.  People remember God only when they are in distress.  When people face a financial crisis, they lose jobs, they get the grief stricken news of death of their beloved, they are afflicted with serious health problem and it is during those times, they begin to introspect and search for God.  They seek the truth and purpose of lives.  They start analyzing why life is so painful?  The suffering has made us to approach God and He also wants the same. Of course, God does not want to infect anyone with pain, but during our happy moment, we are so much absorbed in fun and enjoyment, we have no time, rather we don’t want to find out any time to pray and remember God.  So, God creates suffering by the side of joy.  Otherwise, people would live the whole life gleefully without remembering Him at all. 

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When we are sloughed with richness or we become rich by dint of our hard work, perseverance and lady luck, we remain or we try to remain in happy mode without remembering Him.  Many human beings are classified to follow this type of lifestyle.  No sooner, we lose our accumulated wealth, we lose home, our investment in stocks drops considerably, we fail in our examinations, we are not able to regain our health after a prolonged disease and we get distracted from our beloved; we start running to temples  to pray to God and seek His blessings.  It seems that if we fall in the trap of miseries, then we need God. He is omniscient and is aware of all these facts.  He is a silent observer. That is why, He sometimes knowingly shakes us to become spiritual in our daily lives.  God wants us to keep a slot daily, so that we can come out from the mundane issues and focus on spiritual knowledge.  The more spiritual knowledge we acquire based on our daily learning, we become spiritual minded in all our endeavors.  From this stage, we reach the  super power spiritual realm, if we determine to follow the same path rigorously.  Not necessarily, you need to be poor or a middle earning person or a rich persona to gather this in-depth knowledge.  The superpower of the spiritual realm is for everyone.  God only wants that we should not be too, complementing with our comforts in the physical world.

Further, we need to wake up to the sharpness of our lives so as to take jump slowly from the physical world’s comfort to the hardship of the spiritual world within.  At times, God examines our patience to put us in varieties of conflicts, anxieties and distress.  He tests us how we feel and are we devoted to him or we remain gloomy for the time being?  This realization will make us to remember God more and more despite our position in the physical world, whether we are in a joyous mood or we are in distress.
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