Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How compatible are science and spirituality?

People, who believe too much in the wonders of science, its various discoveries and advancement, feel that this stream can alone boost the social, economical and physical development of humankind. Under this belief, they tend to diminish the value of spirituality. But, it they evaluate and introspect closely, it will be evident that there is a close relationship between these two faculties. Some people who are biased for science and its discoveries do not want to accept the commonality between the two. The question comes, why people differentiate? The answer is that the platform of evaluation is erroneous. Without knowing the inherent meaning of the scientific discoveries, they exaggerate the various postulates of the science. Basically, science is a gathered experience of various skills, which are acquired out of experimentation, observations, research, extensive studies and exercising the analytical power of the mind.  Though all these are based on theoretical explanation of observed phenomena, science is a vast field and mostly employed to understand the natural world. The faulty evaluation between science and spirituality only gives an iota of doubt about the compatibility between these two streams. In a broader sense, science is also a part of spirituality, which discovers the inner strength of your existence. Science helps us to find out the rudimentary explanations of each and every research and when the same is prolonged for a considerable period through research papers and establishing the facts of experimentation, different types of discoveries take place to benefit human beings.

Spirituality relates to spirit, God or devotion to sacrifice for others. How it is related to the sacrifice to others?  Because each of us has the abode of God and when you serve others without any aspiration, you please God of others and induce spiritual feeling within you.  Spirituality is the search for the exact reality and purpose of your evolution. When this search is on the basis of practicalities, it is known as philosophy and philosophical edifications make you more provoked to attract to the spirit.  The feeling of religiosity will arise more and more to you, once you are prone to philosophical edifications.

Before analyzing the compatibility of these two streams, we must know the configuration of religion from where the feeling of spirituality comes in your mind. Each of the religions has three integral parts and they are rituals, mythology and philosophy.  Rituals are the parts, which are accomplished through Puja, ranting the hymns and finally, performing the Havana.  Through mythology, the particular religion expresses its sacred creeds and lifestyle of the saints, monks and sages, who belong to the believer of the particular religion although all the religions are alike to them. And finally, the philosophy enunciates the laws, principles and ideas, the particular religion elucidates. If you observe the whole thing in the right perspective, the mythology and the ritual supplement the philosophical aspect of the religion. After understanding these things, you can easily find out the compatibility between science and spirituality.

Science is nothing but a method, and philosophy is also like the same. Science uses various rationalities to explain the observed phenomena. Science generalizes the observations and then through extensive studies and research makes the same as an established fact and data. After observing the apple, falling from the tree, Newton analyzed the reason thereof, and finally concluded that gravitational force always pulls the objects downward, if the same is not resisted otherwise. This leads to his invention of Law of Gravity. Science continues to make gadgets and other utilities for the benefits of human beings based on various inventions and different laws. 
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In the same way, deep thoughts of religion awakens your spirituality and you accept various laws and norms of the religions to follow the different rituals and mythology.  People are becoming so much devoted to the rituals and mythological ideas that sometimes without the same; they feel that their existence is purposeless and meaningless.

Science is basically used to gather knowledge and accumulate the same to improve the quality of life and its systems. Spirituality is extensively used to show people the right path and how to lead a life in a correct way. Here lies a subtle difference.  Science is always confined to the observations and studies of external circumstances, whereas spirituality analyzes the internal conditions of an individual. Through the assessment of internal phenomenon, spirituality improves the living condition of human beings.  Spirituality teaches that even we are constrained by lack, sufferings, poverty, distress and pain; we can follow an upright and honest path. Science always tries to improve the human’s basic needs and their requirement and through this, the overall condition of the world gets changed. In this way, science has performed a commendable job.  Still, human beings are not contented as they were earlier. 

Science guides us to the path of knowledge and compels us to become more inquisitive and there is no end.  Science is like the more you try to observe and invent, if possible, the more you will be attracted to invent further. This stream is a boundary less horizon.  However, spirituality has a fixed purpose and goal, and there is an end to this type of knowledge.  It is the realization of rudimentary knowledge of reality, to understand the role of the Creator and His creation, introspect our existence and how to comprehend this basic knowledge to  the benefits other mankind. Those who have obtained this  knowledge, they don’t seek more. Then they practice, sharpen their skills and get Moksha and become saints and sages leaving their interest in the worldlings There is nothing more for them to seek. They have their gratifications. Another significant thing about science is that it cannot guarantee you a perpetual happiness.  Even you have performed very well on this stream and have invented many discoveries, still, you cannot claim to be the happiest person in the world. But spirituality suggests that if you grasp its inner meaning and if you are an honest person, you will be happy continually.

So, science and spirituality have some common identities and also differences.  One must understand that spirituality does not oppose science. In fact, science and all the studies encompassing this stream enlighten us to the path of understanding philosophy and logic very well. Once you understand the philosophy and philosophical aspects of all the matters whether trivial or very important, you will be inclined to the spirituality. Further, if you are a spiritual person, you have to have a feeling for science and you cannot be blind of its contribution to the growth of human beings.  Similarly, if your temperament is completely scientifically based and you are an ardent supporter of science; you cannot ignore the veracity of  the spirituality.  
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