Thursday, April 23, 2015

Search your inherent asset, glint and make it glittering

Every one of us has one or the other inherent qualities imbibed within. But mostly, we are ignorant to recognize the said asset while getting bogged down in daily ritual and chores studded both with hardship and pleasure. In this way, people consume their energy and end their lives without knowing what the precious wealth they are unable to dig out. As stated, everyone is born with a special quality, but these are always in the form of potentialities. You only need to discover this latent potentiality and convert the same into reality by your determination. This human asset needs to be converted into a profit and make these profits to an accumulated wealth  provided you are able to turn around  the assets to your benefit; otherwise the same, which was available to you during your birth, will die gradually.  All of us can become a role model for others in our society. We envy or appreciate various celebrities, heroes and other  famous persons. We envy because why we are not like them; we appreciate as they are very famous and sometimes we want to impersonate them. We too can become celebrities or heroes provided we are able to induce the unique quality inbuilt in us and glint the same with a meticulous and rigorous planning.

When you are endowed with a unique quality, you are also blessed with a mind to understand the  meaning of the aforecited quality.  We have seen many children when become little grow; spontaneously start singing, dancing, drawing cartoons or doing oratory. Their parents, guardians, neighbors and relatives sometimes get surprised to watch their abilities and they appreciate.  Some of them put their children to pursue those qualities into careers, but  majorities of them ignore those abilities and tell them to focus their attention only to their studies.  No doubt, study is a must, but ignoring the unique quality of a person is a mulish idea. This way, the parents or guardians are not allowing their prospects to flourish their unique qualities. They must provide their children to utilize their mind so that they are able to perform that special role for which they have the inborn abilities.

You have to overcome the reprimand, negative counseling, odd words, harsh treatment of your parents, elders, relatives and friends and concentrate to perform the task, once you identify the same as your special quality.  Many elderly persons have a wrong notion that if someone pursues his unique quality, he will not study or neglect the same.  But it is a prejudiced thinking of our elderly persons or our guardians.  If you like to arouse your unique quality, you have to ignore these odd forces even it comes from parents. You have to steadfast in your mission, so that you can also become a heroic person in your chosen field.  When you can cross the barriers of internal world by your determination, you need to get help externally to identify and carry out the objective planning to sharpen your unique quality. This dependence on the external world is known as challenlization.  After your basic education is completed, you choose a vocation, get trained and you become a professional in that particular field.  After a span of time, you find many difficulties to excel in that profession.  You make a change, but the sequence of frustration continues.  Again, you start searching for a suitable profession  and find out a new one based on the suggestions of your superiors, friends and peers and you finally excel. So, the challenlization though the society’s contribution is very important for your excellence.  Ultimately, you select your profession, which is exactly in line with your unique quality.  For this channelization and society’s influence, you cannot sit tight and wait for the opportunity to come to your door step.  You have to try vigorously and rigorously.  This society, after all, is a merit based.  For example, if you have a habit of stammering and your unique quality suggests that you must be a teaching professional, you have to remove the habit of stammering or take treatment to eliminate the same.  This factor is also called your internal behavioral channelization.  Both the internal and external factors of channelization are equally important to develop and nurture the unique quality.

You cannot find a single person who is not ambitious. Some may be extraordinary, others may be of mediocre.  In reality, everybody has an urge to become a famous person in the society.  If you are not achieving the result, you get grumpy. When you find that you are not able to fulfil your desire of accomplishment  in a particular line, you like to push yourself to opt for another option. This choice for option makes you to search for alternatives and propel you to identify the role for which you were born.  If this path of choosing the option is done correctly, then every one of us can become a famous person of some caliber.

To develop a heroic personality and  then want to get recognized in the society, you need to create an ideal image of yourself exercising your perseverance, hard work, focus and determination  in a particular field of profession.  An ideal society is only possible when the majority of the persons follows the path of creating ideal images based on their unique qualities at the individual level. For this, self liberation is required and the same is possible by increasing the level of awareness, knowledge and skill through studies. You have to take an oath that, come what may, you will not lose your concentration unless you achieve the desired output. Of course, you must be mentally very strong to bypass any excuse.  Because when you become busy to search your unique quality, many forces will be exerted upon you to make you fail in your great mission.  You should not unturn any stone unless you identify the unique quality, glint and make it simmering to become a heroic person in the society.

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