Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The beauty of fear,that fear itself is false

To lead a life more practical and  realistic; we must come out from fear psychology.  Many times, for no good a reason, we are afraid that we may lose our assets, bank deposits, our families, our reputations and various other things to whom we cling very passionately. This fear sometimes may be baseless, but still, we are perturbed and lead our lives wrapped in anxieties.These anxieties make us less confident to take our decisions in the right direction, which is one of the belligerent reasons for failures in life  and finally we get entrapped in chaos. Have you ever thought the reality of this fear?  You will find that you are in turmoil of absurdities and accordingly you are conditioned both physically and psychologically to think negatively. And, ultimately your thoughts are in swirl and twirl curve make you panicky to focus on the irrelevant rather than relevant issues and finally, you embrace the fearful path. Your conditioning is formed out of your past knowledge, which is being imparted to you initially by your parents, close family members and then society’s influence. This imparted knowledge is based on various ideas, sanctity of the same is sometimes dubious. Through various debates, may be supported by logical conclusions, you are forced to accept the sanctity of those ideas. You then continue with the reality of those ideas despite their absurdities. As and when you face a situation based on these circumstances, you land in a  fearful syndrome. For example, the idea of getting slipped from a water logged staircase could lead you in a painful situation, which is evolved in your mind first psychologically and you take cautious steps.  Despite it, you fall down and you get hurt  and caused you physical pain.  Now the above issue of psychological pain, which you hold makes you more alert and perhaps, you are ensnared in fear and ultimately fall down. If you are able to free yourself from the fear itself, as stated above, life will not be perilous at all.

Fear is always known as  some type of odd entities. It is an accumulation of many physical and psychological aspects. Our knowledge, if gathered correctly and methodically, then we can avoid fear and pain. For example,the medical knowledge provides us enough assurances and beliefs, which can save us from psychological pain. But you are not at all interested to throw your beliefs, whether they are authentic or ruffled one.

The fear is developed in your life when you crave for something.  Supposed, you want to be a rank holder in a competitive examination and you study sincerely without any distraction of external objects.  But many times, your conditioning of the mind, provoke you to think whether you will be able to hold a rank or not.  This craving makes you to wear many masks at different times, depending on your confidence level to achieve the ultimate goal. When you wear a mask of satisfaction, you are not afraid. The opposite of this means when you wear a mask of doubtful result or negative one, you are in a vulnerable situation and submerged in the failure of fear. From this point onwards, you are under the influence of fear and  many conflicts, contradictory situations and opinions arise in your mental system.  No doubt, you want to avoid this syndrome.  Sometimes, you like to be alone to ensure that you get rid of fear.  It never happens.  If you run away from the situation of conflicts to avoid fear, it will chase you. You have to understand the conflicts, take the same in your stride and if required, reconditioning your conscience, which needs to be done to make the life more strong. 

You need to throw the mask, which you mentally wear causing your dissatisfaction. If you cannot get rid of the situation immediately, try to be calm and wait for the situation becomes diluted. Fear is such a thing that it will suppress your all enthusiasms. Under its influence, your cowardice will increase and put you in a cloistered mental frame. You will feel lonely and this loneliness, of course, is your own creation. This loneliness will further create emptiness. When you continue to feel this stage in your life, there will be an endless conflict. No sooner you recognize this fact of loneliness, which basically happens when you grapple with fear, you can free yourself from this enemy of fear.  Why people fear?  If you ascertain the fact, this fear is related to an idea and this idea is the response of  a memory already stored in your mental system as thought.  This thought is the result of your experience.  You can think of your past, present and future converted to your loneliness, busyness, emptiness and fullness.  With all your memories related to the sequential pattern of life’s paradoxes and its painful incidence and pleasure will force you to form many different ideas.  These ideas, when expressed in words either make you jubilant or afraid.  Further, once the words are expressed, there is no sign of the same and then relationship between the experiencer and the experienced gets different.  We always crave to be successful.  In this pursuit, we become afraid whether our success is sure or we  will be besmeared with utter failures.

This craving only induces the intensity of fear and instead of our focus on the subject, we hover in fear.  Now, if you do not fear, that does not mean you are courageous or fear disappears.  You must find out the reason of fear and then analyze the same. In the process of this understanding, you will observe that people become fearful because fear is a subjective issue. It depends on your memories, ideas, unpleasant thoughts and extraordinary zeal for achieving your target.  Your complete dependence on the above things causes fear.  Further, this dependence is basically because of your ignorance of the lack of your self-knowledge and your fight with the circumstances you face in your life.  These circumstances are either of your own creation or others thrust upon you. The others are able to convert various unfavorable circumstances when you are deprived of your elementary skills and rudimentary truth behind the creation of the circumstances by others.

Fear causes a disharmony between the mind and the heart and ultimately preventing communication and understanding. You have to increase your power of self awareness by meticulous planning and learning about human behavior and social interaction. In this way, you can comprehend the cause of fear, whether the same is genuine or artificial.  Fear is derived in two ways; either it is acquired or it is inborn. Mostly, the acquired one is related to the past.  If it is inborn, then the same is to be eliminated by the proper tutelage of parents, teachers and family members. By increasing the confidence level from the childhood stage itself, this inborn bad behavior is to be discarded.  When it is an acquired one, one has to forego the feeling of the unpleasant incidence of the past.  The best way is you must submerge yourself in the present sphere of life so much that the past is not able to shroud you at all.

The beauty of fear, that fear itself is  false, then why to fear?  Just challenge and conquer it.

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