Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Use the words " thank you" perpetually,not ephemerally

Life is full of many constraints and thorns and when these thorns bleed your mind and soul, no one expects you to utter these words of “thank you.”  But in adversity, if you can say these words either to God or to other people, your life will bloom like a blooming flower.  Further, the accentuation of these two magical words, not only bring glean to others to whom you say, but also provide you a solace as you are able to illuminate a glittering smile on their face.  Many of us follow this principle for a while and then forget as if, it is somewhat an ephemeral activity. You have to utter these words continually whether you are in distress or in a happy mood in your life. Some people, of course, express their gratitude to God and other people whenever something good happens in their lives and everything is going well. When people move forward, they believe that because of God’s grace and other people’s help, they lurch ahead and utter “thank you” to God. But when they are afflicted with severe pain, sufferings and despair, they desperately seek God’s blessings in desperation. If they continue to suffer, they asseverate that God is blind to hear their pleas. At that time, they feel God is not omniscient to hear them and they even forget to express gratitude.

You have to take your mental power to a level where you must express “thank you” to God and other people surrounding you, irrespective of your physical and mental conditions.  But the problem is that most of us seek God’s kindness only when they are in distress.  No sooner, the affliction is over, we forget to utter these magical words and we treat Him as if He has been just a means to serve our ends.

You feel both joy and distress in your life in a cyclic fashion as if, the sky is lit with a bright sun and thereafter, it becomes clouded and dark.  If you always expect good things to happen and then only you say ‘thank you’, the same is a wrong concept and you may not be able to embrace upon the correct type of growth and spirituality in life.  Based on your power of expressing gratitude, you will be able to sharpen your qualities like perseverance, tolerance, adjustment and flexibility. When you will be able to increase these qualities, automatically power of telling “thank you”will be on your tongue  spontaneously.

When human beings pass through various adversities and despair, become puzzled and sometimes not in a position to take any decision to come out from the impasse.  But this also makes you to search the truth, what causes these adversities. During this time, you are able to strengthen yourself to resolve the crisis, test your faith and become more God centric.

These adversities in life throw a challenge to transcend the barriers of the same and provide you an opportunity to improve upon and learn. The adversities and the disappointments, no doubt, create despondency momentarily, but if you remain unnerved and are able to increase your resoluteness and also express gratitude to God to provide you more courage in this type of unpleasant situations, you will be able to overcome the adversities.  Jesus says, “Cast your burden on me and I will take care of it.” The hidden potential of yours will be realized in your spirit, which will make you tough to counter any odd situations in the life in the future.

Another aspect of life is that adversity is required very much to get a spiritual inclination to progress in life.  Now, some people react very sharply to adversities and become angry, start shouting and even hurl abusing words to others without knowing that by doing this, they insult their inner self and God within. This particular action will also deteriorate God’s grace upon you. So, one needs to accept the adversities as a passing phase and express gratitude and say thank you to God.  Because if He makes you to entangle in distress, He only uplifts you. But the attitude of gratitude should not be diluted.

You have to believe that you bring nothing in this world and everything is as per His desire and wish. The bible also says so. When we leave this world, we don’t take anything with us. We come here, do perform as an artist, and in this process, get sometimes joy and some other times, distress and all these come to us as a gift of God.

Almost all the hardships, struggles, difficulties and bad situations must be treated as blessings as without sufferings, you cannot taste the fragrance of success. Also, joy and sorrow are the two sides of a coin.  If you get joy, then you have to receive sorrow.  We curse  and become gruff, when the sun radiates scorching heat and burn our skin and become sweaty and tired. At the same time, without sunlight, our survival will be critical.  In the absence of the same, we will not be able to remain healthy because our environment will be full of germs and pollution.

Once you are able to make a habit to utter these two words ‘thank you’ to God and any human being despite the worst situations you face, you will be able to cross both the river of the joy and tunnel of sorrow without bothering much.  At that point of life, you believe that everything surrounding you and the situations created thereof is His desire and you are only a devotee with a habit of perpetual utterance of “thank you”.   

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