Friday, March 20, 2015

The more ego makes you egoistic;root of perdition

There is a famous proverb “Cut your coat according to your cloth”. Similarly, if you carry more weight than you are able to lift, you will be exhausted easily. And if you force yourself to continue the said activity, you will become distorted in pain. This is also the case with your personality.  Some people carry a heavy load of ego and always think of their own interest.  A person who possesses a larger ego remains always irritated, sees all the things all the time in a frustration and gets him enlaced knowingly or unknowingly in various conflicts no sooner his ego is hurt. These types of persons will be disliked by most of the people, they may not even get the sympathy from their own family members and will always observe the world with a suspicion. Almost all the time, they will remain unhappy and make others also gloomy.
This ego is like an extra baggage in your life. The more you carry with you, you will become unstable, imbalance and emotionally volatile. 
Despite our knowing this fact, we do not make any attempt to reduce this extra baggage of personality. The Indian philosophy teaches us that in our living, we can attain a stage of salvation, if we desire so. Without being attached to the fruits of our labor, if we consider the same as our duty, our mind will be free from conflicts, anxieties, ill feelings and aspiration to do wrong doings. And a free mind is bondage less.  So, it is utmost important to make the mind free of ego and engage in self-interest free activities. To reach this stage, the continuous practice to make the mind calm and thoughtlessness is a prerequisite.  The more we become self-centered, the more we show the interest only for our own benefits and the more desire, we display for our materialistic comfort, the higher will be the complicacy in our lives.  For example, throughout the day, if you always think and evaluate everything in terms of money, you cannot reach the thoughtlessness.

From the lives of various sages, monks and religious preachers, we have learned how they curb their egos, which exist always. The human beings only induce these vicissitudes  instead of diminishing the same.  The ego is an indispensable part of our life, but the religious people make all their efforts not to dispel them. Let them stay and remain as their slaves and this is the ideology of their lives.  The Gita suggests the path of complete humility in order to curb ego.

If you always focus on your own interest, there will be conflicts and these conflicts only leads to violence, anarchy, disputes and quarrel. It is nothing wrong for you and me to  think in the opposite direction; you and I contradict each other and you and I even fight for a common cause. In this melee, if ego does not besmear with our thought process and if the focus is only on the rationality of the action desired to perform these activities, then there could be a conflict, argument and even bickering, but the same can be resolved with an amicable solution  So, the system defect of the restless mind is the ego. If we can shed our thinking in terms of I, me and myself, we can easily downplay the gravity of the conflicting situations, making the surroundings more jovial and full of fun.  The selfless action is the magic wand to attain salvation in life.

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Altruistic nature is not that prevalent in our society today.  But that does not mean this trait of idealism is not found at all.  The dominance of self centered people does not mean the abolition of altruism altogether. Now also there are people, who sacrifice their comfort, their needs and happiness to save others who are in distress and dolorous. The best example of shading ego and love others spontaneously, can be learned from dogs, whether it is your pet, stay near to your house or locality.  If you provide him a piece of food particle or simply show some affection occasionally, he will wag his tail whenever he sees you. Even if you do not give him any food or show affection; he will still come behind  you to express his  affection.  The dog is doing his Dharma because he has no ego at all. He even does not know what it is?

The selfless action only can bring peace, tranquility, serenity and bliss.  If we harp peace in our life on a continual basis, let us not find fault with others; we must identify our own misdeeds and mistakes and take corrective measures and not to repeat the said mistakes. 

The fundamental philosophy must be to reduce the weight of the extra baggage of the ego from our personality to grow unblemished and embellish our lives and remain always as a joyous and pious person. Life will be then full of vigor and smile.

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