Thursday, March 19, 2015

Know the art of blessing yourself

Our parents teach us; our teachers preach us and even our siblings advocate to take blessings from others in our prosperous healthy and wealthy lives. But we never introspect on the  manifestation of blessing ourselves. We are habituated to learn that the blessings are to be given to others and mostly it is the domain of the elder people, teachers and religious gurus. But the spiritual gurus and the religious minded people assert that you can even bless yourself. You have to only believe in this conviction without any doubt. Otherwise, the charismatic power of these blessings will not  yield any tangible result. While most of the people are comfortable to bless others, share the ideas of blessings with others and advise someone to bless the other persons whom both know.  It is not a common paradigm in our society rather we are not taught in that way to start blessing ourselves. If you study Christian theological texts and particularly the books of Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller, you will find that both have advocated the power of prayer and blessings for others and so for yourself.  They have proven that by blessing repeatedly, one can palliate one’s own distress accruing out of painful disease of even Cancer. Sometimes, the intensity of this type of disease gets lessened.

Blessing oneself also helps when you are bogged down with negative thoughts, or you are in a gloomy mood because of social or professional constraints or you have landed in sorrow because of any mishap happened in the immediate past. During this stage, if you continuously utter the words of blessings, you will be able to divert your painful mind to an enliven and blissful countenance. In our culture, the inferiority complex is quite prevalent. If we fail in the examination, if we perform poorly in a competitive environment or if we are not able to secure the job for which we hope for, we get frustrated and we curse and condemn ourselves, and then we start comparing ourselves with others and deplete our energy in unproductive self-assessment activities.  We start analyzing the shortcomings of ours and we deeply delve into these analyses and ultimately we get angry with ourselves. To overcome the anger and other negative feelings, the showering of blessings is a must.  Now, in this type of situation, whenever you bless or contemplate to bless, it will bring a state of love and gratitude to you. This state automatically forces your mind to ponder on positive aspects of life drifting away the negative and infectious thoughts being accumulated in your mind. Your perception level gets improved and you will feel more energetic. By blessing yourself on a daily basis, you can turn around the criticism and negative comments inflected to you by others to a positive notion of feeling. This will ultimately calm your mind. Blessing oneself is a scientific method to rejuvenate your health. You can bless your past, even it was pervaded with grief stricken remembrance.  At that time of blessing, you have to think that today what you are; it is because of the past.  If you shower blessings on you with compassion, sincerity and wholeheartedly, you will get the results and you will become the same what you want to be in the future. 
Bless yourself considering your relationship with your parents, your friends, your spouse, family members and all others who really matter in your life cycle growth.  You will feel proud to observe this blessing power of yours. This will make you see everything blossoms like a blooming flower.

You must bless yourself for those you have helped or supported; out of the whole lot, some may be known, others may be unknown.  It is not that imperative, whether they, in turn, bless you or not.  You only bless your own intentions and sacrifices that you have made for others.

Bless yourself for everything, to your parents for your upbringing, your teachers and gurus for imparting knowledge, to your spouse for taking care of your well being, to your children for their love, to your friends for their support and finally to your failures that enlightens you to judge the difference between the right and the wrong.

Bless your needs and also your greed; after all you are a human being and not a sage.

To shower blessings to others is an easy task, but blessing oneself is an arduous approach. If you can achieve this technique by the grace of God or your guru, you will become blissful most of the time.
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