Monday, March 9, 2015

Art of killing stress

All of us are stressed for various reasons almost regularly. After a hectic day at work place or simply getting bogged down by household chores, you feel tired. Is your work of lighter type or a mediocre?  As per the psychological edification, your action only decides what will be the outcome of the same. This action converts mediocrity to intelligence, hate to love, animosity to friendship and indignation to inspire.  Action is a given.  How you perform and what is the intensity of your desire to perform, all depends on your power of motivation.  To reduce the stress, you must focus to carry out the obligatory actions instead of focusing on desire-driven actions.  You have to increase the frequency of obligatory action, which is the quality of  any action and reduce the desire-driven action.  The later one only will lead you to thorny path, causing anxieties, pain and suffering and you become stressed.  Further, you must refrain yourself to take action on any action not fall in line with your conscience.

As long as you are sedate and mainly concentrate on your obligatory duties, your mind remains stress free and you will be able to perform any action brilliantly.  When your desires overpower, you get agitated to fulfill the same and action become flawed. When your desires outweigh your resources and capabilities, then you are lured to perform actions against your wisdom and integrity.  In Mahabharata, Krishna underlines the essence of sacrifice and the actions, which are dedicated to an extreme idealism.  He says that God has created mankind with a unique capacity to sacrifice.  You cannot come up in your life unless you devote to a spirit of service and sacrificing.

Krishna also says that there are three types of people in our society.  Chronologically, the “tamasika” is the lowest type, who is interested for his own benefit and he is always on the look out to get the benefits from others or others diligence without any contribution.  The “rajasika” type is self centered and always acts selfishly inviting anxieties and mental agitation and stress.  The “sattvika” type performs with an inherent spirit to do good for others and sacrifices his own benefits.

Try to identify your inner calling and your latent desire to embrace the action oriented path to choose a path of spirituality.  As far as feasible, you must fix the goal without your self interest.  No sooner, you start taking any action for any work on this basis; you will be able to achieve excellence.  You must let go your ego, desire and selfishness. If you can think of this line of activity and take action accordingly, you slowly find out the source of real energy imbibed in you.  Once you are able to identify this energy, you become creative. You become completely enthused at work.  Your intellect guides all your thoughts ideal, the mind is agile and alert to achieve the targeted goals and your body is energized with a positive vibe.  This stage of mind will obliterate unproductive and unnecessary worries of past, future anxieties and present turmoil.  All these negative traits, which your agitated mind ponders do not take place at all and if happens, the degree of the severity will be much less than what you anticipate.  So, allow to charge your intellect and power to destroy this wasteful thinking. Always believe in achieving success, happiness and spiritual evolution.

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One of the greatest enemies in your life is many kinds of desires. Most of your desires provoke you to become insensitive, increase your lust and drift away from the religious path.  If the desires are within your conscience, you must toil hard to ensure achievement of the same.  The other desires will probably devour you and cause a great deal of mental anxieties and stress. It will be difficult to diminish the stresses developed.  Once the desire beyond the moral value is inflamed, it becomes unquenchable and provokes to make you a flippant and savant to achieve the said desires at any cost, even sacrificing  your moral values. Further, when you get addicted to fulfill these desires, you increase your greed, envy and power of arrogance diluting your intelligence and wisdom. The most pathetic situation in our society is that everyone is determined to follow these desires so as to achieve the same to flaunt our power of wealth and fame.

By practicing and by increasing the power of mind of quality thoughts, you rise to a higher desire and automatically, the lower desire will not be able to strangle you.  So, you need to eliminate the proclivity of being attracted with glittering and tanning desires and then you will be able to kill your stress, the greatest enemy of your life.

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