Monday, May 2, 2016

Observe the world from a higher vantage point

Observe the world from a higher vantage point

How it will look the world from a higher vantage point? Of course, this is a spiritual way of observing the thing. You would observe the light of billions of souls lighting throughout the world.  Like a roaring sea with full of high rise tide, these soul moves from one life to another.  It resembles that one form of living being dies giving a birth of  another.  But all the souls are same from their true perspective.  They all belong to the Creator’s consciousness. They are all light and they have the profundity of blissful entities.  After closely analyzing, if you look at the condition of the world, you will be surprised to know the fact how people suffer with pangs and pains in this world.  We find strife and dissension throughout the world. Almost all the countries either engage in peace mission to eliminate the mutual hatreds or busy to resolve conflicts. We also find various religious groups who are engaged in conflicts, sometimes the same takes the brutal step of killing each other. Today when you observe the word from a vantage point, you will find that community clash is widespread. Within the families, parents fight with their children, siblings create animosity with each other and members of various communities take the path of quarrelsome instead of resolving the difference amicably. Human beings mercilessly kill others without any hesitation and with a slightest provocation; they get involved in these types of heinous activities.  It is a matter of surprise how the human beings can do these activities when each of us is a child of God and every one of us has the same Divinity. 

When a married couple gets their child born, they beam and are unable to suppress this joy and in the same way, God bring about so many souls, so many children and He too gets pleasure in doing so.  Yet we fight sometimes for a trifle issue. It is a proven fact that we are susceptible to pain and sufferings, knowing well that these are the opposite phases of bliss and joy, and if we are  able to transcend these phases, we   can survive based on the blessings of God.  If we are able to return to our true self of peace, we could enjoy peace and ecstasy.  Beyond our bodily comfort, if we are able to search deeply the resources within us, we could find the energy, which would make our lives peaceful perpetually.  The great saints teach this philosophy relentlessly.  They provide us the inner strength to find out the common elements in each of us.  These saints are great preachers, but still they respect the saints of other religions. They recognize this fact of their teachings and simultaneously acknowledge the preachings of other religions and their teachers. There may be difference in languages, cultures, social etiquettes and dress habits, but the basic formula of all the religions is same; that is love.  The various religions and spiritual traditions have more things in common.  Yet, people sometimes get influenced by a section of self-proclaimed religious leaders and teach their disciples wrong things stating the difference in the religious practices.  This is not at all correct.  They believe that we have a spiritual core within us created by a higher power. 

In reality, you can acquire a spiritual dimension through prayer, meditation or your latent desire to uncover the source of information.  Though there will be a difference  of languages and customs, but with your inner power of attaining the truth, you can connect yourself to the soul. For that, you also need the blessing of higher power. Saints, masters and spiritual teachers, namely Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Moses, Rama, Guru Nanak and many others came to this earth to teach people to connect with the divine within.  We believe that we are body and mind, but ignore the fact that we are a soul.  We are the children of the Creator of this materialistic world.  During the course of meditation, when we are able to bring the stillness of our mind, then only we recognize who we are in reality?  When our body and mind still, we are able to see our true self as soul.

Meditation is the process, which is the method to discover our true self as soul. It also helps us to achieve our spiritual goal and consciousness by reuniting soul with the higher power.  This higher power is possible to attain once you follow the path of enlightenment in your life.  It is not that easy, but continuous practice of all types of religious practices will transform your mind, body and soul and you will be more attached to God.  It is a way to discover your true purpose in life, which will also enable you to reach the goal of attaining the higher realms of the spiritual world. 
In this way, we can say who we really are and can firmly declare that we know ourselves.  At that point of time, we can very well observe the world in a different way irrespective of the location and altitude.
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