Friday, May 6, 2016

How do you define ego?

Before we delve into this subject, we must understand what is ego?  How does it affect our lives?  Can we suppress ego and finally whether ego is good or bad?  Ego can be metaphorically interpreted as “Edging God out.”  Ego is an excessive representation of I-ness.  Under these circumstances, one forgets everything and his entire focus rests only on self. When you are talking or performing any activity showing ego, it shows your vanity, pride, arrogance, foolishness and stupidity.  But if you suppress the feeling of I-ness, then automatically the arrogance and vanity will be lessened and you will be looking as an innocent person. The most important question is that why people show ego?  Just to show their power of superiority. To some extent, your egoistic nature is not that harmful.  But the large ego or if you always take the shelter of egoism, then the same is not only bad, but also can invite disaster in your life.  If you closely analyze all your skills, intellectualism and accomplishments, nothing are pertaining to you. These are the attributes, which you might have acquired because of necessity.  When you attach ego to your achievement, all your progress in life gets reduced almost to a negligible.  You must acknowledge the fact that everything is created by God.  With the help of God and His power, you are able to achieve success overcoming various obstacles.  So, if you show pride, it is your unnecessary inflated ego.

Emptiness is the absence of ego. You should  have charismatic desire to be hollow on the inside, so that the same space can be filled up by divine music. If you want to receive the music of God and His good wishes, you should come out from your self-centeredness.  There should not be any I-ness, no vanity, no pride and it will be like a state of nihilism.

Significance of dreams:

We have a deep conscious state of waking and also we have a deep state of sleep.  As per the definition of our mind, we have a conscious, a subconscious and a super conscious mind.  All of us perform very many activities through the conscious mind and  analyze through the use of super conscious mind. The conscious mind acts like a filter to provide us signal how we should behave.  It is up to us whether to take a cue from the signal or not.  When certain memories and past experiences accumulated in conscious mind and pass through this filter, they become part of the subconscious.  It is to be visualized the power of the subconscious.  Is it possible for us to identify conscious in the subconscious?  It is difficult to directly recognize the power of the subconscious.  If you are able to realize the true meaning of the subconscious, then through hypnosis, you can only feel its existence.  You can also assess subconscious through dreams.  The dreams are the media to reconcile your unfulfilled expectations.  Dreams provide signals to the conscious mind by the subconscious mind.  During the state of dreaming, we, of course, do not have the awareness that we are dreaming. So, dreams provide signals to our subconscious mind, which in turn provides us clues to deal in with the life of our conscious mind.  The correct way to act with a dream is to live and pursue that dream when we are awakened.  You must carry out a psycho-drama of the dream.  For example, you are a fanatic supporter of Cricket and an ardent  fan of Sachin Tendulkar.  You are seeing in your dream that he is playing a test match at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.  It may have powerful symbolic significance.  When you dream, you dramatize the same to your heart’s content and enact the dream in the conscious state. The playing of Sachin in the test match and dreaming the same  suggests that you get sensitive to know when he is able to score half century or century and in this way, you try to connect yourself to him and to other like-minded  people. Through the dream in your subconscious stage, you may be  interested to do networking, but in the real life, you might be very alone. It is a known fact that many people are lonely because they are unable to connect with their family members, relatives or neighbors.  Because of large egos, they don’t show their courage to break out of the shell of seclusion, which they prefer to live.  If you are able to comprehend the meaning of your any dream pertaining to a celebrity or a familiar face, you will understand that it is an invitation to you to break out of your seclusion.

Let us take the case of the test cricket as stated above; since you are an ardent supporter of cricket, you are dreaming in that fashion. You can dream in your sleep provided your mind is ready to understand the signals in sleep. Try to recollect all the incidences what had happened from the morning till the time you start seeing the dream. Then remember all the experiences of the day thoroughly and re-frame them with a higher level of awareness with positivity.  Then go over the previous day and recollect the dreams and follow this exercise.  At that point of time, if you closely observe, you will feel that your mind is  on a spiritual level. Your mind will be like a sharp pencil and you will not be afflicted by the contagions social taboo of ego.  Through the absence of ego, you will be not only able to connect with  your inner peace, but also the others surrounding you.
So, take away excessive ego from your life and enjoy the same to your heart’s content.
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