Saturday, May 5, 2012

Panoramic View of Voluptuous Building

I was at Kualalampur in last week as a part of my business tour. I was compelled to visit the tallest structure Twin Tower building,the present corporate office of Petronas.What a struture which is delightfully standing and accepting the torturous movement of human beings and escalators without any grievence.Of course,it can not show the sense of outrage because it knows that they are dazzling beauty queens. They are glittering when the colourful light engulfs them.
I understand that this structure of both the towers cost millions of dollare in those days means the later part of the tweentieth century.The design of these towers were the brainchild of Ohio university's Dean of Architect. I believe many people must have already visited this glamorous beauty and if so, is it possible to let me the know the name of this person.
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