Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Masquerade of Culture conditioning

The reading of morning newspaper gives me a wide range of pleasure because I am able to gather information and knowledge,but at the same time it captures a gloom and desolation to peruse heinous activities performed by notorious people which sometimes include elite section also.I can understand the murder,theft,rape and all these anti-social activities done by lower class people of the society,but when it belongs to high middle class strata,I really start pondering and close the newspaper.How is it possible? How these people who are mostly the scion of the big and royal familis and somtimes even holding the prestigious position, do these types of nefarious crimes.This is of course,unpardonable.While studying one of the essays of Aldous Huxley one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century,I ponder what type of culture conditioning is imbibed in their socio-religious system.Let us take a debate that in their childhood and adolescence,they have been taught to embrace uopn all the relevant good things of their culture ignoring the base and nefarious one,then why this scenario occurs which gets flashed in the leading newspaper's headlines.I believe,thers is no problem in the teachings except when the paternal affection bestowed upon on then is more than what is required,they become excessive arrogant,restless,proudy,jealous of others.Ultimately,they start thinking,they are the monarch of all those what they see.It creates the develpoment process of the thoughts of these elite sections that they can perform any crime taking the shelter of their powerful kindred.Here the culture conditioning concept of Huxley is to be studied in depth for the purpose of implementation.Mostly we are moving with the masquarade of culture conditioning and if somthing suits us, the same is to be inculcated in our system and if it does not suit then to ignore.This is aweful and detrimental for the society at large and this is the reason all types of crimes have a upswinging curve in modern days across the world.I feel,we have to come out from this masquerade and take the culture conditioning without any prejudices and biasness.
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