Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Motivation only brings Success

As per the survey report published in The Times of India sometime in mid of 2013, the combination of hundred richest people today in the whole world has, 27 are heirs and 73 are self made.  Surprisingly, out of these 73 self made, 18 have no college education and 36 are children of poor parents and some billionaires are deprived of both means neither have college education nor they belong to wealthy parents.  That means, the super achievers are not born, they are self made people.  You can be a super achiever and for that matter, you do not have to depend on the other’s favor, you only have to inculcate a habit of facing hardship, accept the challenge of life and transcend the barrier so as to achieve the goal.  Super achievement is not acquired through inheritance, but it is obtained through self made from a sheer bent of mind coupled with determination.

No one is a born billionaire, but everyone is a potential billionaire.  If you have adequate willpower, motivation and adequate confidence on your capability, you too can be a super achiever.  One thing is very clear that God does not produce any junk.  To him, all are His capable children.  Out of these, some are able to become rich, super rich and some remain poor throughout their lives.  God has never shown any discrimination between one person and another.  His advice, sympathy, good wishes and blessings come to everyone equally.  It depends on the receiver how to utilize the same to His and society’s benefits.  Sometimes, deprived persons are in fact a “Bless in disguise”.  Because of this process, they get motivated.  They are charged to think that if others can do and achieve, why they become lagging.  Seeing others progress, they get energized and it is His incentive that makes them a super achiever. 

This incentive gives you an urge to make something of his life. Without His urge, a human being cannot be treated as the best creation of God.  If you are deprived of anything, you must ponder why it is so?  Why are you not in a position to get the thing you hope for?  Ultimately, this repetitive instincts maker your inner spirit of brainstorming and you become obsessed to put your efforts more and more to achieve desired goal.  You enter the world of competition to your full capacity.  You take an oath “to do or die”.  It is His spirit that makes many ordinary people as super achievers. 

Many times, people say “He is bound to get whatever he wishes because he is born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”  This saying gives contentment to the person and if it is really so, he is definitely losing all his power of motivation to become self made.   He has always depended on the favor of his inheritance.  He is losing all his instincts to struggle anymore.  Contrarily, when a person is born in a poor family and if he is not demoralized  by environmental or social obstacles, he will develop an urge to become an achiever by putting extraordinary efforts.  He will curse his poor family background. It is practically not possible to find a family who started their lives with a treasure of gold and silver.  Every family wants to create a status-quo.  All start from rags, but not from riches.  The story of rags to riches is not the story of exceptional persons, but is common to all.  

You may observe a number of examples of one rising to a high position through one’s own hardship, painstaking deeds, perseverance and exploiting his motivational power.  Their children at times seem to be dull and not putting their efforts like their parents.  Why it is so?   The reason is that they are satisfied with their lives from the very beginning.  They are not able to induce their urge because they are contented.  Parents started their lives with discontent and struggled hard to become super achiever whereas their children were opposite in their behavior.

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