Saturday, July 9, 2016

Words are mightier than weapon

The spoken words are mightier than the weapon. You can ascertain this fact from your life also. We utter many words daily to our family members, friends, office colleagues, and acquaintances. Have we ever thought the power behind these words? Or do we take enough measures and analytical views before uttering words?  Have we ever recognized the fact that words once were spoken and if it hurts or not producing the exact effect as desired what could be the consequences?  There are many people exist in our societies which speak impromptu, and when they realize that their words backfire, they apologize or say ‘sorry,’ as if, they can use words as dim fit to be. It is like that you speak any words creating conflicts and then escape saying the above. Contrarily when you hear the words spoken by religious preachers, sages, prophets and spiritual masters we get enlightened, and their words act as a magic to purify our minds.  Though the effect may be ephemeral, yet the intensity is very high. Their magical words make us choose the right path, and propel us in the right direction so that we follow the course of ideal living.  The words uttered by these great souls have an electrifying effect, which removes our impurities and unwanted thoughts. Further, we will be inspired not to use words which hurt others.  We all are aware of the wisdom of this truth of the power of words, but in our real lives, we fail to comply with its essentials. Instead of using words with a correct melody, we prefer to follow the path of destruction by using all wrong and improper words.  Sometimes, our offensive and abusing words jeopardize the relationship so badly that we lose business dealings, trust, friendship and even cordial relationship with the spouses.  The bad words cause restlessness and anxiety.
People who are seekers of truth don’t indulge these negative tendencies of uttering odd words.  They are far above the narrow mindedness and they always focus on self-development and self-reform.  They have no time to insult others using derogatory words.  They always create a pleasant environment influencing others, and they distribute positive thoughts through their noble deeds and vocabulary.  Words are critical provided you act with love, faith, devotion and feeling for others opinion and thoughts.  That is why, you can identify the saints, sages, and spiritual masters very easily even in the crowd. They motivate people throwing words of spirits and motivation. Further, their actions are louder than words.  Their words in themselves are adding additional moral values.   For example, if you talk about humility, you need to practice the same. If we don’t show love to others, mere talking of loving nature is not sufficient. If we talk about lightheartedness, we have to show the same in reality.  People will listen to your words, but they can easily understand your intention.  If you say and you don’t do, you will be exposed soon. We must, therefore, have a watch on our words and exercise control.  Through the lives of saints and sages, God provides us the direction how to lead a moral life. A stable life has no place to blame others.  If you fail to achieve something, no one is responsible for the same.  As human beings, there is a tendency not to accept responsibility, but to accuse others.  If you like to become an established personality, you need to stop this accusation and using slanderous words. You need to ascertain the truth and remain steadfast in your goal. Many poets profess through their compositions that odd words spoken might have far-reaching consequences causing sufferings lasting for centuries.  It is like a small stone thrown into a quiet pond, the ripples of which reach far and wide.  A word can redeem, a word can hinder.  But if you minutely observe the words of spiritual-minded people, and follow the same in your daily life, your status may not go upward immediately, but you can rest assure that the same will not be lowered.  You can judge your real worth, not through your education, high profile in professional life or monetary power.  The real recognition come through your humility, selflessness and using kind words.  The humblest is the greatest virtue, and one needs to practice the same to become an ideal person. Then, he will get the blessings of divine love, which will help him to leave ego automatically.  He detaches from the importance of “I” and gives value to “we.” 
If you close your eyes, for a while, it looks to be dark until the time you open, but during this period, the sun does not lose its light. Similarly, your eye’s consciousness needs to be illuminated so that the same can radiate sun’s light even in your dark time.  Both your inner eyes and outer eyes need to be enlightened. What does it mean?  Your inner vision should yield outwardly.  You have to translate your good intentions into good deeds and words. The word has a powerful equation, and we all have to understand the same. So, if you use sweet, smooth, friendly and lovable words, you will always remain happy and make others joyous.

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