Monday, March 25, 2013

Mindful Mind Matters More

The provocative power of thoughts of any action is a reflection of thought process which is guided by positivity or negativity of the mind. This thought process is derived from the mind power. You will become a successful person, if you have a control on your mind. It is a proven fact that the working pattern of your body and thoughts are interdependent.

Mind is a powerful sensory and discerning factor as most of the time, in our day to day life, it does not allow us to think in linear path; it allures us to think in a zigzag pattern ultimately leads us to distress, evil and hardship. The people who are guided by controlled mind, they are in a position to neutralize the evil effects and subjugate his mind for his welfare and also others benevolence. It is said that every controlled mind is a reflection of plus factor of mind with respect to attitude and openness. Further, mind is very much influenced by attitudinal pattern. If you draw a curve of mind and attitudinal pattern, plotting x & y axis, it takes the shape of an upswing curve because mind’s power is inversely proportional to attitudinal pattern..
The word ‘attitude” itself is an important determinant factor to sharpen the positivity of mind because of inherent meaning of all its alphabets.

A = Attribute to be positive, T = Try to change if the attitude is negative, T= Total control to negate your negative thoughts, I = Instinct to use to visualize the positive, even in adversity, T = Think to start every thing with positive and constructive approach, U = Understand all your inherent strengths, D = Develop your conscious to achieve the best, E = Energize your inner self to influence outer self to be always positive.
To augment the power of positive mind, the followings are to be inculcated in your daily routine.
* Sole searching:
Many a time, in your life, you feel yourself less enthusiastic and ponder on anxieties caused due to various perceptions which may or may not have any relationship with your career, social life or materialistic despondency. But such behaviour is quite radical. Because, even otherwise your brilliancy is undoubtedly beyond questionable, the negative thoughts may crop up in your mind just because of above situations. Nothing is achievable easily and so you have to toil excessively and endlessly to earn other people’s support services, their co-operation and good wishes with plus factor of your mind.
* Build up yourself:
A normal person of average calibre, even otherwise possesses several abilities which are up to the mark with respect to any prevailing standard may require investing his energy continuously for overall growth. You have to upgrade your skills, knowledge, and keenness to float in the corporate and social environment.
* Plan, follow and improve:
You have to relentlessly upgrade the power of your mind focusing your concentration on all the alphabetical meaning of ‘Attitude’.
The famous couplet of “Genesis” of the Bible says that during the creation of the universe, the first thing, God said “Let there be a light” because the total universe was under the clutch of the darkness. God never said, “Let there be darkness.” In the similar way, in our day to day life, we have to always encounter the darkness with a light and a positive power of mind. Ultimately, mindful mind only makes us triumph

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