Monday, July 30, 2012

Hypocratic politician of Seventeen hundred Century.

William Shakespeare's Hamlet was written   in 1600-1601 and it is one of the best  tragedies,ever written.It stands long as a real revenge tragedy in western civilization. This tragedy was very different from the tragedy of Seneccan tradition and it was risen to a great height by its subtlety,refinement and humanism. Cladius,the antagonist of the play was a very shrewed person like today's politician. In fact, after the death of Hamlet's father when he was mourning prolongly, he suggested that very much mourning is not advisable because it is ireligious.Even he passed strictures for Hamlet's erratic behaviour.   This shows his hypocritical attitude because he characterizes Hamlet for his extra mourning as betraying ''its will to reach heaven door''.Despite his heinous crime of murdering his own brother, he showered a word of wisdom and advise to his nephew, Hamlet. So, it is evident that during sixteen hundred century also, there were people like Cladius who was capable to turn the table by sweet talks
In twentyfirst century, we have number of Cladius who arouse the masses with their sugar coated pills in terms of talks to enjoy the materialistic value in their lives.
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