Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mystery of Happiness

Happiness and distress are the two sides of life’s coin.  As in a cricket match, everybody wants to win the toss by calling the “Head”, same way, all of us want to be very very happy in our lives all the time but that does not happen.

Life is always confronted with many up and downs, obstacles, miseries, despondency and many other constraints. We have to pass through this vicious cycle and in this way only,  one acquires mental strength to become stronger to lessen the gravity of distress so as to enjoy the happiness in life. The people who are not able to do so, are always in the slough of distress.  Apparently, they seem to be happy, but their countenance will always be hovered with gloom.  If we delve in the root cause of this cycle and if we take this as normal phenomena of life, we will not be perturbed at all.    

A person may have adequate money, wealth and materialistic comfort, but still he will be deluded from the real happiness.  Contrarily, an average and middle class person with a high spiritual quotient and less materialistic comfort may be full of happiness. 

We know that there are different quotients i.e. Intelligent Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient.  In the same way, I have come out with a Quotient of Happiness.  As per me, happiness quotient is derived from a mathematical expression of platonic  love / conditional love. If this ratio is greater than one, the person is moving towards self realization and there is no doubt about that.  But, if the ratio is lesser than one, then the person is always living in stress and when the person is always in stress, he cannot enjoy the real happiness. 

To know this, we must understand the difference between platonic love and conditional love.  If we read various sonnets particularly 147 of William Shakespeare, most of them are based on the principle theme of love.  In his sonnet no. 147 which consists of many poems, he has expressed his passionate love which is more like a conditional love for a dark lady, although the literary researchers are still unable to find who is this dark lady.  In the same way, Katherine Fowler Philips (1631-1664), the greatly admired poet of her times has expressed her platonic love in her many sensual poems when she touches the issue of beauties of very many eternal things without delving to the sexual connotation at all. 

Platonic love is nothing to do with materialistic love, physical love or even greediness.  It is only the love without hankering to get anything in return.  In short, it is only to give and in turn, nothing to get and finally is to be engulfed in the environment of happiness.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is represented by EQ = W x IQ. (Intelligent Quotient)  “W” is the present insight of a person, his ability to give any judgement and his ability to understand others.  This understanding of others is very important to derive happiness in life.  If we fail in these activities, then our lives will be like a dead wood because happiness is a sequence and combination of other’s happiness and its effect to your life.

We can understand others very well, if this emotional quotient is very high and again this can be represented by a mathematical value in binary digit i.e. 0, 1.  “0” represents absence of these qualities, stated above and “1” represents presence of these qualities fully.  If a person is devoid of these qualities, then he is almost an autocrat person.  But, if a person possesses all the above qualities then his emotional quotient may be equal to IQ.  Such persons are truly democratic and the persons who have high grade of emotional quotient, it is seen from the research that they have high spiritual quotient.

We should not misunderstand the spiritual quotient as people who are only sages, monks, and priests.  Even common man can have high spiritual quotient. No sooner we have a maximum spiritual quotient and also have high emotional quotient; we will definitely enjoy the happiness in life.  Needless to say that people with high EQ and SQ, will be always believer of platonic love.  They sacrifice their own comfort and ensure other’s happiness.  They are always ready to extend their co-operation for others benevolence.  This doctrine of platonic love is not easy to be inculcated in one’s character and for that matter, consciousness and automatic nervous systems are to be energized with abundant positivity. For example, if a person is met with an accident and if someone extends his help to the victim even though he is completely an intruder and takes him to the hospital daring all the consequences and ensures his recovery, then he shows his platonic love because in turn, he will not get any return.  There are galore of people who have given their lives to see the smile on other’s face like Mother Teresa, Sister Nivedita etc.  They were always happy.  No one could ever found them in distress.

When we go through this mental process or achieve this higher strata of mental configuration which is known as real waking consciousness, we feel tremendous ray of sunlight passing through our mind and automatically it gives a glow on our face and our body is also getting sensitized with positive energy ultimately taking us to the lap of never ending happiness. This happiness is beyond any expression and it can be only enjoyed blissfully.

If we do more and more this type of work considering the concept of platonic love, happiness will definitely be increased to the highest level.

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