Monday, June 2, 2008

Memory of Sunday of School days

In my school days,I used to get shivering whenever I was nearing to the weekend as I was encapsulated within the boundary of the house in presence of my father with only concentration on studies.Though I was more than average in my examination results but due to proximity of voracious reading habits of my father, he was interested to inculcate the same to me.Due to paucity of time on the weekdays, he was not able to capture me as per his sweet will and so Sunday was the mourning day for me as I used to get entangled under his charisma.He was not a very well built man but full of personality and I was well coxed.There was hardly any play.any gossip on Sunday. No sooner Sunday was passed,I used to get lot of respite as I was having little freedom to perform my extra curricular activities in my way,of course negligence on studies were ruled out as my father was a very hard task master.Even at the later part of the evening on most of the weekdays,he used to glance my home work very methodically and I had never seen any parsimony from his side.
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