Sunday, August 14, 2016

The spirit of the Soul

When you die, your body is getting extinguished, but the soul leaves and enters another body.  This soul is the unchanging spirit that encompasses all the human beings.  Our body is like a cloth, which covers the soul, but this is the spirit for all your vibration means energy through which you perform all the actions being guided by that energy.  This soul is like a lamp, which is shining within yourself and guides you to perform all the activities either good or bad.  The soul is sheathed by three layers, namely mind, sense and flesh.  The mind is the inner layer, whereas the senses are the middle layer and the flesh is the upper layer.  When the mind and the senses are not aware of the energy (Bramha) within, people tend to become egoistic and ego then governs their all actions.  Ultimately, they are being guided by ego.


Our soul is eternal and the body is mortal. Knowing this well, we become obsessed with the physical, material and sensual aspects of life.  The more we show our attachment to our body, the more we become unhappy.  If we wish to liberate ourselves in life, we must search our self and induce self-realization.  Self-realization will make you not to feel that much obsessed with your body. If you delve into the psychological aspects, there are three states in the life of any human being.  They are – the waking state, the sleeping state and the dreaming state.  But a very few are aware of the fourth state, which is the intense concentration through which, if properly utilized, we can realize the true purpose of our life.  Mostly, we are governed by our senses and on the periphery without going in depth.  We are governed by our senses and we carry out our various functions as our mind guides us.  What we eat, what we buy and when we will sleep and what we could do to impress our friend, neighbors and our colleagues are the factors, by which we are propelled daily.  While performing all these activities, we seldom allot any time to think of our world within.


All of us have a centre of serenity, self-knowledge, and keenness to understand our ability and urge to keep peace almost all the time.  When we are able to recognize this centre of utmost importance, we acquire an experience of true freedom and in this stage, we overcome tension, anxieties, all types of fear, inferior complex and despondency, which always haunt us in our life.  We always hunch to have joy and fun.  We can obtain the same provided we try for the same, but for that, we have to arouse our inner self.  Once we are able to establish this fact, we can discover our own divinity.  Then you can automatically get rid of the environment of gloomy, pathetic and despair and you will be considering yourself as the infinite spirit of pure, true and everlasting blissful human being.  Today’s glamorous world is full of complexities and these environments cause stress and to keep you to avoid the same, you have to learn the consciousness reduction techniques. 


The meditation de-clutters your mind, relieves you from negativities and energies your nervous system.  It also increases your creativity, problem solving skills and makes you calmer. It guides you to embrace upon the path of harmonious living.  It increases your powers of love, forgiveness and making you ideal human beings.


Meditation increases your mindful awareness.  Through this awareness, you live in the present and enjoy the sequence of moment to moment living.  It enables you to get the best of your life.  It stops your restlessness and your approach for fragmented thinking.  It improves your concentration power, focus and memory.



You can consider the following steps to cultivate the theory of purification of the soul.

a)      Try to be silent for a defined period of time every day.  Ensure, your this practice is not disturbed.  Through this, you can improvise your true self. You will be able to arouse your inner power.


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b)      You must ensure breathing correctly, which is the primary energy of life.  This energy establishes the vital link between your body and mind.  This deep breathing is a unique and systematic pattern of increasing the power of your mind, which in turn, revitalizes your body.  This breathing exercise, when associated with yoga and meditation, you will be able to connect yourself with divine power, of course, it takes a long time.


c)      You must decide to serve others, help them to come out from distress.  Ensure to do maximum benevolent work for others.  You can extend your cooperation as much as possible and in as many as ways.


d)      You must learn the value of acceptance.  Without God’s blessings, you are not able to do anything though you feel that you have done. It is all His wishes, you only perform.  By God’s will, you search peace and you get the same.  Many things happen to us for which we are not aware.  Even we are ignorant to identify the reason and so, believe in God and trust Him.

If you accept the above management, your soul will be purified and a purified soul is the container of a good mind and healthy body.



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