Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why to Create cnflicts in a relationship?

Why to create conflicts in a relationship?

The one important fact in life is not to create misunderstanding in a relationship as far as possible.  Even you want to break a relationship with anyone, ensure that the split is pleasurable.  Because who knows when you need that person again to help you in your distress.  The relationship can be with people or with things.  We provide passionate affection to the objects, comforts, and pleasures at the expenses of relationship. We show our busyness despite knowing the fact that the other person may get hurt with your behavior and relationship may turn to a trace of bitterness.  Nowadays, there is a standard sentence being often heard, “I am extremely busy and don’t disturb me.”  The other person can easily catch your pretense because he knows that you are not at all busy. 
We don’t give much importance to the fact of being a good parent, sibling or partner.  You have no choice to say that I need a wife, but not the mother-in-law. It is not feasible.  Even otherwise, mother-in-law may not be there, but you cannot disown the relationship once you decide to marry her daughter. We have enough time to send thousands of e-mails, but we have no time to pay respect to our elders and meet them even occasionally. In a society, we have many roles to play.  And, we have to fulfill all these responsibilities at different point of time. It is important to ensure that trifle issues should not take precedence over the relationship. How can you bring harmony in a relationship?   If you want to make your relationship cordial, you must see the peace within yourself first.  If you grapple with unwanted issues which are agitating you, then how do you expect harmonious relationships with others?  While interacting with others, if you have less feeling for a friendly relationship, then the same will be reflected in your behavior, and you won’t be in a position for an amicable conversation.

How to achieve internal harmony? The inner balance is related to four different layers of our personality, which are physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  All these different aspects have their identifications.  If any of the need out of all these aspects is satisfied, then there will be harmony for that particular issue at that point. How to satisfy these requirements?  Our primary need for foods, clothes and shelters are important in our lives, and so is the case with the mutual relationship. You will be physically fit if you take care of these needs. At the emotional level, if you get enough love from others and if you reciprocate in turn, then your emotional health is nourished.  There will be no imbalance on this account. At the intellectual level, we all need to have a good inflow of positive thoughts.  As much as possible, the negative thoughts must be discarded. All intelligent people survive on good ideas.  For example, when you are hungry and if you don’t get nourishing food, you will eat whatever is available, and that is how people are accustomed to eating junk food.  That time, you won’t see whether the food is healthy or not.  In the same way, intellects when do not get positive thoughts, they allow surviving on negative thoughts. It is one of the greatest problems of human beings; that is intellectual frustration.  Many times, people get intellectually frustrated because they choose wrong professions.  They select these with a hope that the same has a lot of potentialities.

Arouse spiritually of personality:  If you want to have a harmonious relationship with the other persons, and want to continue the same for a long time, you must arouse your spiritual affinity with other individuals.  Only bonding socially and professionally, the desired result will not be there. 

There comes a stage in our lives when we are clouded in despondency at least mentally despite owning all successes including material abundance. Then we begin to ponder about the veracity of the accumulation of the wealth and achievement, and at the end when there is no foolproof answer, we become restless.  We try to seek the real meaning of life.  Then we become eager to find out the truth why God created this ambiguity in this world? How can I be happy?  Why there is so much distress in the world? If you are unable to get proper replies to all these questions, then you feel frustrated, and your life will be slowly heading to dullness and meaningless.  At that time, the company of religious and like-minded people will make you find the meaning of life.  It provides answers to your queries and also allows you to lead a life of excellence. But mostly, we overlook this vital relationship of harmony. If you like to harmonize yourself in all these layers of personality, you have a bright chance of living in harmony with those, who are firmly attached to you.  So, why to create conflicts in a relationship? It is better to live in peace and happiness and let others live in the same way.


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