Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to use the concept of possibility thinking?

How many of us think before doing anything in daily lives. Mostly we do and then think. If you believe the concept of possibility thinking and the same become a part of your working habits, you win comfortably half of the battle of your life. Precisely, for this reason, some people do not get agitated at all, when they face a severe crisis. Working habits have a cascading effect on the success rate. Your desire to grow working practices encapsulated with the positive mindset is a benchmark for a growth in life map. These working habits are not in by birth. We need to cultivate these habits. When you are born, you are free from all the hassles of life’s patterns. Based on your upbringing, environmental factors, society’s influence, your working habits are imbibed, and when you understand right or wrong of these habits, you try to correct the same for your progress and success. Many of us are not able to adjust and ultimately bury our lives in hell. You may classify the working habits as ritual, mental, psychological, spiritual and more. The routine habits like cleaning of teeth, body, clothes and eating food are all essential practices. Once you know, you follow these for the purpose of betterment of physical health which is necessary to combat with the grueling and cumbersome socioeconomic factors of our daily lives. Both mental and psychological or mental habits must be developed assiduously failing which you won't be able to achieve success.
You can classify the mental habits in two categories as HE and HI.
HE is habit efficient, and HI is habit ineffective. How will these habits be under your control so that you can accomplish most of your responsibilities efficiently?  Let us assume a rating scale of one to ten for different mental habits, namely frequently getting anger, show jealousy on others success, nepotism, favoritism, using foul languages in the working environment, speaking without any supporting thoughts, improper listening, disrespect to others words and ideas and much more. Now, you assign marks on your own against each of these negative attributes, and if you find, they are more than seventy or eighty percent of the rating scale, you need to embrace the concept of possibility thinking which leads you to think in a right direction, even in adverse situation.
When your mind is under the control of possibility thinking, you will always try to find opportunities and forget hatred, resentment, jealousy and grudges. You will make amends for any wrongdoings

With the help of possibility thinking, you can overcome any obstacles and convert your barriers into an advantage. In fact, successful people also have ineffective habits, but they convert the same to their advantages. To achieve success, you have to increase the effective practices and four steps are to be followed, which are planned purposeful, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively and pursue persistently. The eminent inspirational writer William A Ward had professed these for a better success rate in life.
Under the influence of possibility thinking, you have to ensure that you are a changed person, follow the principle of PCM (positive configuration of mind) and start a new life at any given point of time. You have to accept with all convictions that your new life, in this life only will be full of glory with the help of God. Take this concept of possibility thinking as your working habit and chant regularly ‘’I believe God loves me, God wants the best for me, and God will guide me, I believe.’’  See the difference.

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