Friday, June 17, 2016

Express thanks to feel thankful

If you express thanks to anyone you come in touch when they help you to discharge your professional and social responsibilities, how do you feel? You will enjoy a solace, and this mental satisfaction will make your life colorful.  Because when the other person receives appreciation from you, he also feels happy and gets energized to help you more.  Of course, you also have to extend cooperation whenever he needs. Let me narrate a story.  God once decides to send two angels to earth to listen to the prayers of human beings.  God divides the responsibilities of these two angels. One was asked to collect the information regarding individual's prayers for asking something from God.  The other angel was advised to receive prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Then God provides two baskets to both the angels to collect prayers and thanksgiving.  God was interested in assessing the percentage of human's devotion to him.  The angels visited earth and started to receive prayers. The first angel’s basket immediately got full with the prayers asking something from God. And he was continuously busy to accept prayers. He found people asked and prayed to God for money, health, education, house and overall prosperity of life. Some even asked for costly jewelry, exotic holidays, expensive clothes and latest gadgets. In the meantime, the second angel moved place after place and got tired, hungry and thirsty.  After consuming fruits and water, he became active and started looking for people, who were praying to God to receive His gratitude.  The first angel’s basket got filled up, he called for an additional basket, and after a while, he collected truckload prayers.  Unfortunately, the second angel could manage to gather a few people who pray for thanksgiving and gratitude.  Both the angels went back to apprise God and their findings.  God did not show any emotion only to say, “I know this, I am not at all surprised.  People pray in turn to receive something from me.”  God again told, “You now have a taste of what it is like being God.”  People who pray for something from me at least remember me.  On the other hand, the numbers of individuals are less who prays for thanksgiving and gratitude.  To verify the scenario, God then opened the mailbox to check the e-mails. The mailbox was full of various complaints of people who are complaining about not receiving favor from God. The different kinds of desires, wishes, and requirement of prosperity, wealth, name and fame are some of the prayers requested for from the God. He was surprised to receive various complaints from people.  God then checked the handful of emails who expressed thanksgiving and gratitude in their prayer.  The number of emails was very less. What you gain from this story and how it is related to the headline of this article?  There is a close relation because this story and human's nature and their greed.  People often request others in offices, factories, houses, social clubs, public places to extend help, but when people ask some help from you, there is no enthusiasm.  In the same way, we want God must assist us and hear all grievances and provide us whatever we desire, but how many of us think of God without asking for anything?  And, how many of us take the time to thank God?  We focus our total attention on the fact what God has not given us. We forget to acknowledge what God has given us. Supposed, you have to express thanks and gratitude to God for the things God has given, you will find God has given you more than what you are supposed to receive.  If you count many things for which you owe your gratitude to God, it will be evident that you get more and give less. 

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For the existence of God, we feel that whenever we pass through a casual manner, receive material things and stay in comfort; God is there and what is the need of praying and expressing thanks and gratitude to God?  For example, you work in a company, and you are very satisfied with your job.  After a period of twenty-five years, you are suddenly laid off, and then you soliloquy, “God is not there.”  In the same way,  we may have had a loving family for years, but one member passes away, we accuse God saying he is not favoring, and showering any blessings.  You may have the healthy body for many years, but one major disease grapples you, and you may be telling that “Oh! God, what is happening to me, and there is no God.” Few people only say when something goes wrong, “It is okay God. I have been something that was best for me, under your will.”

Let us thank God profusely for each day because based on His grace and blessings; we can counter many negative forces ultimately reaching our target.  Another thing, due to God’s blessings, we can do our work and enjoy our family and friends.  For the sake of our health, we may be grateful when we have some ailments.  There is nothing wrong if sometimes disease attracts our body and mind. We must show our happiness for all the gifts we have received not only on the physical, emotional and intellectual level but also on the spiritual level considering the same as gifts of God. We should also connect with the Divine. We must spend time through prayers and meditation and in performing selfless services to others.  Through this route, we can express our gratitude to God just not by expressing through words, but also through our deed.
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