Thursday, June 9, 2016

Can you silence your mind?

If you hear this sentence, it may give you some knee-jerk feeling.  You may even think that maybe it is related to the ending of life.  What I mean to explain is that for seeing with perfection and hearing attentively, you need to silence your mind.  For example, the two persons are exchanging pleasantries and talks, if one is not silent, then the meaningful encoding and decoding the messages are ruled out.  That is why, many important meetings, discussions, and debates remain inconclusive wasting time and energy.  If you want to know the technique how to silence your mind, you need to practice and increase the power of listening.  The act of listening to something is a fact where you are not giving judgment, opinion, and observation.  Though it is tough, it needs to be learned for a successful career and social life.  Speaking without condemnation, without any interference of the word and without shouting to establish your point of concern is arduous.  It requires complete focus.  It is the case with the activity of seeing. We all love nature’s beauty, and love our family members, but have we ever seen minutely a tree, a mountain, a flower, the face of our spouses, of our children or a co-passenger either in the train or flight?  When you see anything with full attention, there should not be any words, ideas formulas or any interference of words. 
You appreciate the beauty of a mountain which is touching sky metaphorically and say, “What a lovely mountain!”  That utterance distracts your attention from your intense looking the mountain. Of course, it is a psychological aspect, but this is fact.  If you want to see something with minute attention, you must silence your mind; means it should be quiet without any interference of words.  The next time, when you see a beautiful rose flower, notice how difficult it is to be to look the flower non-botanically. If you know a bit of this particular flower, namely rose, it will be tough for you to observe the flower non-botanically, and it is more so if you have experience of botany. You know the species, you see all the varieties of flower, and to look at it without any interference of the word, without the intrusion of your knowledge, of your opinion and criticism is again next to impossible.  The mind is continuously provoking you to think whether the same is meaningful or not.  People often say that they believe this or they believe that, but it is not correct, it is a matter of happening.  Your mind propels all the time and forces you to move in a direction right or wrong.  The power of your mind is guiding you.

Your mind is always busy and continuously shuttling between one thought to other.  Most of these ideas are of no meaning, it is always restless, chatting, never seeing or never listening.  But if you can silence your mind, it becomes quiet to hear and to see with attention.  No effort is required then.  In that state, if you listen to others minutely, you will understand the inner meaning very easily. The psychological revolution plays an important role to silence your mind. What is meant by this revolution?  It is important to complete transformation, not only of the conscious mind but also of the unconscious as well. Through your mind power, you can change the outside environment, which causes an influence on your transformation.  Without showing any affinity towards any religion, you can leave a temple to visit a church and may be again visiting the temple. You may not cling to any political or religious group.  You can remain neutral.  Also, you can be biased for any particular religion because of your fear, greater reward, and power.  One can quickly change his waiver mind, but it's hard to make a change in the unconscious.  It is one of the major constraints in life to calm your thoughts.  You will not be able to change unconscious through volition, through desire, and through a will.

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If you can subdue your total consciousness, you will be able to control your mind, and the power of silence will allow you to listen and to see facts without the interference of words, judgment or criticism.  From our childhood, our parents teach us to obey, conform and to follow established norms and regulations.  In our adult age, we take these teachings as embedded experience.  Based on this experience, we seldom deviate from the set rules.  Their teachings influence our mind, and we are provoked to think accordingly.  In this process, we disturb our thought process, and so the mind mostly remains agitated.  You find it tough to silence your mind.  So, you need to come out of this authoritative clutch.  How can you do so?  How far your mind is getting influenced by the authority and the experiences thereof?  The authentic teachings may sometimes create negative output. This negative thinking implies the uncovering of one’s own assertive, dogmatic beliefs and experiences, one’s fears, anxieties, and hopes.  What is the implied connotation?  That you see all these things with a negative feeling, and you don’t have any control to change because you are in a dilemma to choose between the teachings of the past and your conviction.  So, merely you observe the same without evaluation.  When you observe without evaluation, you find the happenings without the interference of words.  Words mostly condition us.  We identify persons either as a doctor, lawyer, judge or as a communist, as a socialist or an American or a Swiss. Using these identifications, through words, we look and listen, but we never see, and we never hear.  So, if you want to hear, get rid of the slavery of words.

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