Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bragging deludes happiness

We live in the age of information. Most of the available things are now scientifically proven, and you can find out everything on the internet. You have to search and find out the clues for your requirement.  In one hand, this world of today is highly advanced technology wise and at the contrary, people are desperate to brag for their resources about their education, knowledge, wealth and status.  They are very much fond of getting adulated, and want that everyone will listen whenever they talk; despite the same is beneficiary for them or not. By any chance, if no one gives adequate attention to their bragging, they get very upset. Whenever anyone is suffering from this syndrome “listen to me, I am talking” and show an attitude of annoyance, he may be happy and joyful.  But is it a real one?  Why people brag to prove their greatness? The reason, they suffer from inferiority complex and to come out from this social impasse, they like to dominate people, which include spouse, siblings, friends, colleagues and sometimes, parents also.  By pretending and showing their happiness through the path of bragging, they would like to be in the social limelight.

Recent study of two regions of brain:

As per the latest information appeared in the Journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, the researchers conclude that based on the two parts of the brain, namely medical prefrontal cortex and ventral Striatum, the scientists find out an answer to this difficult matter of bragging. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for self-referential thinking, whereas the ventral striatum portion is in charge of the good feeling factor.  The scientific data shows that people, who prefer to brag and love themselves only without bothering much for others welfare and feelings, and they have reduced connectivity between these two regions of the brain.  They are obsessed with themselves very much, but internally they don’t feel good.  Precisely that is the reason; they brag and want people to admire them to their heart’s content.  Up to a certain point, all of us accept that ego is our true self. But if you resort to the practice of meditation, you will be able to connect yourself with the divinity and can realize that ego is nothing but an illusory shadow influencing your mind.  Our entity in the form of our bodies is a part of universal consciousness.  Due to our very much sensitiveness to the idea for creating identification with our bodies, we only forget our true nature, the real purpose of our lives, what we must take from our lives and how we should behave.  When we remember these important identities, we move from one illusion to other and without achieving any tangible results. We pretend that we have a tremendous accomplishment.  Then we start bragging till the time we become contended entirely.  Because of our wrong perception for our mind and body unison, we develop an ego, which is fearful, greedy and full of anxieties.  All the psychological and emotional disturbances evolve from ego. We then brag to show our superiority.  We plan to subdued ego just not to increase our bragging power.  In this process, whatever difficulties arise we try to solve the same by strengthening ego by default.  To become happy, we should never brag, and then we will be in a position to control ego.  We must dissolve ego by doing meditation.  When you do the meditation for a considerable period, you come out from the dark side of your life, and you get in touch with universal consciousness, which is the real purpose of living.

The research in neuroscience has established this fact that the positive effect of meditation is enormous, and it not only purifies your body and soul but also reduces your ego and tendency of bragging.  The meditation decreases the signal in the areas of the brain close to the midline.  These areas include an anterior insular, the left ventral and the anterior cingulated cortex, the right medial pre-frontal cortex and the bilateral precuneus. 

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If you observe psychologically, all these areas have utmost importance on inducement of self-referential thoughts.  When the signal decreases, it indicates that someone is making real progress in the practice of meditation. At that stage, people won’t brag, and they would not like to exaggerate their achievement.  Further, during the time of the signal, as the meditation progress considerably, the intensity of ego will be lessened.  The meditation soothes the areas of the brain associated with ego and makes us brag what ultimately help to connect to the absolute consciousness.  Bliss will be in abundance in our life when we do not think to brag, and we dismantle our ego.  But our affinity with the ego is so high that we may fear to lose our identities.  This massive ego provokes us to brag and snatch our bliss.  If you can somehow get rid of this ego, you will not lose anything.  Contrarily, you will gain as you will be able to connect to absolute consciousness.  So, shedding the ego is an important aspect of life, which will make your mind sedate, calm and tranquil.  Then you will not think to brag at all. You will enjoy the every moment of your life blissfully.

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