Saturday, June 4, 2016

Big thinking yields big results

Big thinking yields big results
I hear people say many times that one should always be ambitious for a significant achievement, and think big endlessly to become highly successful either in professional or social life.  There is nothing wrong to practice this logic, but if you only think big, and your action for any activity is small, then ratio of success to the effort will yield almost an insignificant growth.  We all face various types of impediments in life.  At the individual level, the problem could be related to health, emotions, and disharmony in marriage, family, friends, and rivalry between siblings, children, and career.  At a national level, beyond the boundary of the individual, there are problems of diversified religious opinions, social unrest, unemployment, dishonesty, and corruption.  All these negative influences cause us to suffer pain, and the same increases the anxiety, and ultimately, we are not able to relieve our tensions,  and it creates a negative effect on our health. 

The negative thoughts prompt us to observe a defective vision of the world and not so soothing relationship with it.  What is the outcome of this?  We expect more and more, most of which are the meaningless expectation or we will not be able to realize.  Ultimately, we suffer and disappointment grapples us. If we can improve our thought process, we can mend our home and can convert this world into a better place to live.  But people prefer to accept pain rather than thinking in a right direction.  They get caught up in the mesh of wrong thinking and see various dreams wearing colorful spectacles mentally.  Ultimately, we are enlaced with all types of negative and evil thoughts making our lives less efficient. It also reflects our mean-minded nature causing despair.  The only solution is, you need to think big and act wisely and show results.  The parents must inculcate the habit to teach their children to think rightly.  In the future, they will learn the importance of this teaching, and it will provide them a greater vision of life. One needs to remove all the barriers only to think big.

We must eliminate the obstacles of pettiness.  You can sow the idea of big thinking first in your mind destroying all fears.  Once you can do so, you will automatically get energized to conceive them in your mind.  When we yet to invented the flying machine, the man dared to think to travel on a flight, the bird and other flying insects used to fly at their heart's content. Before reaching the moon, the man dared to think to undertake the same type of venture.  Finally, the not only man arrived there but also proved that the humanity may start living there.  If you think big, you can achieve impossible thing also.  We are afraid to think big because our mind cripples us with all types of anxieties.  One needs to break this bondage of small and limiting thought. You cannot think big unless you remove this bondage.  What lesson you get from this?  You must think not only as an individual but as a nation as well.  For example, when Swami Chinmayananda learned the scriptures from his teacher, he thought all the while how he could pass the same to the people.  It is known as thinking big.  Swami Vivekananda used to spend restless nights in America thinking of the welfare of India and the world.  Once you understand the importance of thinking big, then you act wisely to translate this big thinking into reality.  You have to work hard to fulfill your dreams in line with your big thinking.  The most famous person Gurudev said, "Plan out your work, and work out your plan."  To act wisely is to operate with prudence, proper understanding, and balanced attitude.  Reinhold Niebuhr says, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."  For example, the famous King of Ramayana Ram accepted the self-chosen exile in the forest for 14 years as he felt it was a call of Dharma; but when Ravana kidnapped his wife his wife Sita, Ram gathered a fleet of an army and fought gallantly to rescue Sita.  Without losing temperament, Ram acted efficiently to show results.  It is applicable for all of us. 

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Let this transformation of King Rama is itself an example for all of us as how change takes place in our lives, the only thing, you have to feel the same with your heart. In this way, you can increase the quality of your personality.  Then you practice thinking big; you will become a better human being because of positive energy.  You can nurture the qualities of purity, practical and wisdom.  All these qualities will help you to grow.  At that state, your The result of your work should also be seen in the environment.  You will be able to make your people happy and energized with whom you work in the office.  The work should lead to harmony, beauty, and prosperity in society.

You must utilize all your potentialities to grow, think big, and work to achieve the desired goal. You have to cross many hurdles which prevent you from thinking big.  You must encash all the opportunities to learn the secret of right action.  Based on the power of big thinking, finally, you may get inspired and achieve greatness in the world externally and internally.  So, think big, act big and receive significant result

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