Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We are living in a challenging world

Today's world is full of opportunities as well as constraints.  It is not that easy to convert opportunities into realities, and at the same time, it is not that hard to overcome all the limitations.  We face tremendous challenges in both ways.  You throw this question to a philosopher.  He will introspect for a while and will term it as a problem of evil.  But this ideation is wrong.  If you accept the definition of the philosopher, then it means you are giving a negative name to an active effort.  You have to face problems at every stage, and with all these, you need to survive and remain active in life.  In fact, the life will be a mute spectator if an issue does not arrive at all.  Problems will be there, but they are not evil; you have to consider the same as challenges.   If you like to play with the problems, you will feel it as fun.  Once you solve the same; your confidence level will go up since you have achieved a milestone.  Further, this phenomenon is to be explained by keeping in mind the creation plan of the creator.  You can easily differentiate between the material world and the physical world.  According to the scheme of Creator, he has provided neither any freedom nor any constraints to the material world to make any choice. We need to fix the same keeping the particular purpose into consideration. As per Creator's scheme, man is free enough to think, play, and carry out fun and many other things as per his choice.  He has freedom.  The difference between these two entities is the problematic trouble makers.  There is no restriction on self-development in the material world, where man is born with vast potential.  This potential is a very dominant factor, and you can utilize in difficult circumstances.  It is a fact that the people who love to take challenges, whenever challenges appear, they don’t flee away, but fight mentally with all courage; they are real victorious.  Our society admires them and worships them as heroes even though they belong to a general class.  During the time of crisis, man’s hidden potential appears, and subsequently, these potential gets converted into realities.  If one is terming these types of situations as evil, then he has lacked the understanding of the law of nature.

The earth exerts a pulling everything thing downward due to gravitational force.  This pull is vital as without the same; the civilization could never see the limelight.  But this scientific phenomenon in the form of a blessing of the Creator was a disguised state of affairs.  When the famous physicist Newton brought this formula, the people were taken aback.  Newton also got a shock treatment from nature.  The famous story says that he was hit on his head by an apple when he was sitting under the apple tree in his garden. Immediately after the hit, he was startled off the miracles of nature and silently soliloquy, “Oh man, why don’t you think. If you think, you will come to learn a great reality.”  To that extent, all of us are like Newton.  Only thing, he sincerely thought of this falling and interpreted the behavior of nature and discovered the famous Newton’s law of gravitation.  We seldom understand and ponder of many expressions of life and fail to utilize our power of the mind.  It is the course of nature, and there is no exception in this regard.  Unless you pass through this course, your mind will not unfold, and you will not be able to achieve great success.  There are three factors, namely fear, procrastination and lack of proper skill become detrimental to arouse our mind to grow. If you can get rid of the first two factors and you are eager to increase your knowledge and skill in your chosen field, you will also be in a position to discover something may be the smarter than you anticipate.  We all are aware; life is not an easy selling boat as it faces many storms and vicious impediments.  Theoretically, we all say and talk, but when a problem appears, we are unable to show our courage to accept the same and achieve the barriers.  Even some of us take the challenge, but after a few attempts of failure, we leave the arena.  In this process, we might be losing a golden opportunity. For example, you desire to be a civil service offer, and you try to appear for this competitive examination.  In your first attempt, you fail and in your second attempt also, you fail, but who knows that on your third attempt, you get success. It is the nature of the law that we seldom put multiple efforts and give up after one or two attempts. But in a challenging world like today, if you need to accomplish any feat, you have to have a stubborn attitude and try till you achieve the milestone.

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