Monday, June 20, 2016

Train your mind like a Lily

You may feel little awkward if someone says that people should make themselves busy in the thought of space consciousness rather than objective knowledge.  One may question how it is possible to do so keeping aside all the worldly affairs.  But if someone tries, he can do. It is only the desire.  Before that, one has to understand the difference between these two i.e. objective consciousness and knowledge and space consciousness.  Most of us think of our career, profession, family, and materialistic comfort through acquiring different electronic gadgets, immovable and movable properties, and liquid assets.  There is nothing wrong to keep busy in these types of thoughts.  When you train your mind to think of the above things continuously, your mind will be tuned to think accordingly.  It is known as objective consciousness.  Space conscious means when you come out from your body and form, and you think for being i.e. your focus is only on inner self-consciousness without any attention on the mundane and worldly affairs.  Most of the time, we are completely ignorant of this space consciousness.  Once you can understand the concept of this high-level thought, you can absorb in the idea of Universal consciousness even after performing your regular duties efficiently. Not only you can do, but you can also do more beatifically.  To become a devotee or follower of Brahman or universal consciousness, you need not become a monk or sage and to remain confined in a secluded place or in a dark forest to avoid any noise and disturbance. To follow the path of divinity, you can very well stay in a family, do discharge all your family responsibilities, but behave rightly and appropriately with every manifestation of Brahman universally.  What is meant by proper behavior?  When there is no anger, no outburst, no jealousy, and neither attraction nor aversion, is termed as appropriate behavior in the eyes of Creator who creates this total universe.  Doing all your duties, if you can become non-attachment, non-judgment and non-resistant, you will be able to connect with divine power.  Then you will be able to identify yourself.

We live in a vast and limitless ocean of essence.  A roaming wave dances down, and provides the radiant of manifestation surging within and without you, and radiating in all ten directions.  These ten routes are the indescribable vibrational expressions of small and great accented and unaccented, eternally flowing thoughts-waves.  You must behave appropriately and reasonably with every expression, with every manifestation of the cosmic mind.  You always have to remember and accept the vibrational events.  You have to train yourself like a lily flower.  It is always immersed in the mud, it is not a great flower like the rose, and it is mostly getting trampled by the foot of the human beings or the animals.  So, it always struggles to keep its existence.  For this, it is to parry, brace and tolerate the shocks of storms and other squalls.  But observe the beauty of this flower.  Despite tolerating various vicissitudes of fortunes, it does not forget the moon.  It keeps its love for this planet alive.  This sapling does not want anything because it knows that it has no separate identity.  Though Lily is an animated object, it has life, and so the flower acts through the totality.  In this connection, we must recollect the preaching of Jesus, “Look at the lilies of the field.”  He also said, “They toil not, neither do they spin."  The primary inference of this eternal truth that life wants the sapling to become a tree, but the sapling has no wish to be identified as separate from life. So, the flower wants nothing for itself. It identifies what the life wants.  Precisely, for this reason, the lily has no stress or anxiety.  When it dies prematurely, it dies with ease.  It has no regret during the time of death.  Naturally, it surrenders in death as it does in life.  It senses no matter how obscurely, its root dress in being i.e. state of consciousness, the formless and eternal one life.  Though metaphorically, lily’s life is compared to that of humankind, it is correct in reality.  Lily is an ordinary flower, but its romantic relationship with the moon is unparalleled. It focuses on its attention on the planet.  Can we not establish the same romantic relationship with our Creator? Even you have to pass your days with tremendous ups and downs on a regular basis; we must remember Supreme one.  You have to keep merged yourself in his thought.  For that, you must visit deep into the mood of that infinite love.  If you feel, for all these, you have to sacrifice your worldly activities, you are wrong. 
Whatever may be the circumstances you face in life, you should not lose sight of the infinite one.  You will not suffer degradation if you accept the Supreme Being as an ideal mechanism in life.  When you indulge in thinking in a negative way, you will pollute your mind.  You will also generate the low level of vibrations and for that; you have to take rebirth to suffer low-grade rituals created by those vibrations.  So, you need to arouse higher versions of thoughts in your mind.  As for mythological edification, even a king like Bharath would have to take birth, because, at the time of death, he was deeply anxious about a fawn. Precisely, that is the reason, forget your outer self.  The same is only the forms.  There is no being involved, and so you will not be able to meditate properly.  Whatever position or post you acquire today or are going to receive in future, you should not bulge down from the path of idealism related to proper living.

Do not stray even a step away from the path of realism of absolute bliss under any circumstances.   The route of enlightenment after you understand the importance of inner and outer purpose of life is the only path for you.  Whatever be the consequence of your past mistakes, evil deeds and committal of unnecessary accomplishment, your uplift is guaranteed.  If you have the unconquering zeal to attain Brahman, you can never be degraded. Do not look back; always look forward to phenomenal progress. Never take a decision to take any limited material for your factory of mind.  Accept only the loftiest entity for your accomplishment. If your love and affectionate for Him is genuine, you will ever remain; you will stay in exuberance.  If your love for God is real and if it is reconciled spiritually, you will always put yourself in an Elysian exuberance. You won’t feel any pain and happiness as both will not sensitize you anymore.  When you think of Him, when you show steadfast love and gratitude to Him like a lily, the same is known as the blissful emergence of Divine love. Can you ignore this phase, and if so, why not to train your mind like a lily?

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