Thursday, June 2, 2016

Inspiration leads you to progress in life

The actualization of Mother Nature with oneness is only possible when you can self-realize with your higher self, and you are sensitive to others feelings of need. Always ask who the doer is; the perceptive mind or the self. Life is very hard; it is not a choice. If you struggle to the last penny, you will overcome all your obstacles. In short, what you sow, you reap the same. You may live with desires and dream all that you want; however, your actions determine what and how much you may receive. All a spiritual leader has to do to inspire others to fulfill their dreams. If people have a shortfall, the leaders need to inspire. He needs to go through himself for others to follow. I am not talking about the political or self-proclaimed leaders. They cannot inspire, and show you the path of light, which is only the the trump card of your success in life.

Creativity and meditation are similar, as both are the expressions of something beyond perceptive thought. Success is alone not a product of thinking. It needs alignment with your sub-conscious. To create such conditions, you need to rely on your belief and have to overcome your false ego and self. You need to control your mind, and your thoughts. Then, you will be able to comprehend the duality of your mind to identify what is right, and what is wrong  which you need for your inspiration. At that state, you will be in mental peace, and you will be not only able to inspire you, but also others surrounding you.That itself  will bring success for you both professionally and spiritually.

Your thought is a supreme energy to translate all your feelings into emotions, reasoning and logical explanations to get inspired in the right direction. Advaita`s philosophy of declaring that everything is but the manifestation of one, which is propounded today by science that the whole grid of the universe ultimately blends into one.

 Do whatever you do, from eating fast food to living with mobile phones or follow a modern lifestyle, but question what all the motives behind all your doings are? Don’t forget; we are all children of God, and He does not make any discrimination. It is the society who pollutes our mind and soul by providing wrong inspirations, and we forget to differentiate between right and wrong. So repeatedly introspect and question the way you perform, act and do. Do not take this world as a stage just to perform your life drama as per the external influence. Sometimes, you will feel boredom of this life’s drama. Then, pause, look and see before doing. Because there are many who would want, you should blindly follow what they do. You cannot follow anybody blindly not even your religious or spiritual leader. You develop enough trust and respect for his leadership to get inspired. For that, you need to seek knowledge about yourself or its purpose. Do not ignore the spiritual for worldly aspects. We are born to exist as mortals; for the Self resides in immortality. Live from one moment to the next, be aware and present in the now. The past, present and future are all manifested in the Self. All three energies, namely material, mental and sleep are combined to become one. Creativity is an accumulated knowledge, coming from the past to present. The stage of creation is a spontaneous flash of awareness.

Intelligence when clubbed with energy manifests with the mind, and create a new beginning. Creativity and meditation are similar, as both are expressions of something beyond thought. YOU or I am just a representation of your thought. Inspiration is when you will be able to awaken your inner self. You evolve into a certain belief, which is very personal; Where self-becomes intimately connected to beyond self. Then you create the action; however, if you confuse and cloud the action what the results are going to be; creativity gets lost, and actions turn mechanic.

With this power, which arises from the higher self, if you get inspiration, you will lead a moral and religious life in this world, and look forward to another religious life in the real world, which is the world people reach after death. Over there, they may stay as the angel of light provided they have completed their lives peacefully and religiously in this world; otherwise, they will be compelled to come back as a part of reincarnation, and then again suffer pain, of course with an occasional enjoyment. So in this birth get inspired, and inspire others to follow the benchmark of ideal living besmeared with the thoughts of spirituality to get success in this life, and the lives to come.

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